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  1. Ok, it's been 20 minutes now, and AP is still frozen. I've attached the file, saved at a point right before it hangs. The text I'm trying to auto-flow is 382 A4 pages according to MS Word. On my machine, I can reproduce the problem when I: Click the eye icon (not sure if it's relevant, but try it) Shift-click the arrow to auto-flow Hang_text1.afpub
  2. AP's been frozen for 10 minutes now, BUT the text I'm flowing is a lot longer than I'd realized, so I'll keep waiting for a while to see if it works out. I'll report back
  3. In my case, it was definitely frozen. I waited 5 minutes before terminating the process, and the flowed text wasn't that all long I think (I'll have to doublecheck). I will try to recreate, but my money is on the issue not occurring this time around
  4. I can try to reproduce it tomorrow, but odds are it will work next time :-) 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. This would be the second publication page, i.e. the first left hand page 4. Yes, it overflowed from the left side of the spread to the right, as you say. 5. Typo. I Shift-clicked
  5. I just did some simple stuff to check how the new version performs: Created a new document Set up a new, simple master for a double spread: Header, footer, main text area Filled the main frame on page 1 with filler text. Added 2 pages Placed a few lines from a .TXT file on page 2 Placed a long text from another .TXT file below this Shift Right-Clicked on the arrow on page 3 for autoflow AP added new pages and showed the flowed text in the main area. Blank pages (no text visible) were added to the thumbnails on the left. AP then froze up completely while consuming 25% CPU, i.e. the application window would not even minimize. The only way out was to terminate the process from Task Manager. No example file is available.
  6. These sound a lot like the problems I had with v1.7.1. Drove me nuts too, as I couldn't tell if I'd done something stupid or if it was an issue with the program. Still not sure
  7. I didn't have time to recreate it from scratch. I tried opening it in the beta, unpinning the image (making it vanish), then pasting the image back from another source. I then saved a new version of the file. This still produced a crash to desktop in v1.7.1 when the last 14 pages were deleted.
  8. Good to hear it's reproducible. I didn't have the problem with the same file in the last beta(s) before release. It's logged as a bug, right?
  9. Sorry, I uploaded the wrong file to that link. The correct one is named Ellison AfDesigner.afpub
  10. Done. Two files: The Shear.afpub and The Shear.docx
  11. I'll upload shortly. I recreated the template manually from the Word and ID files I received from them, so any mistakes will be 100% mine
  12. Sure, but not public. Give me an upload link
  13. Created a new document Set up a standard double spread master (Master A) with linked text frames for body text and page numbering Duplicated it for use on the first two pages, after removing page numbers and text frames (Master B) Placed a small .DOCX file and auto-flowed it Inserted 2 new pages at the start of the document and applied Master B to them while making sure physical page 3 had Master A. Pub now shifted the start of story text to physical page 4. When I finally managed to make Pub understand that page 3 really had only Master A applied to it, the text shifted back to physical page 3, but Pub seemed to have become confused as to what physical pages had the inner and outer margins applied to them. They seemed swapped around. Managed to sort that mess out after re-applying the masters to their respective pages, but now the imported / placed text vanished (as reported in an earlier post) Deleted all pages after logical page 1 (physical page 3) and tried to place the text again. Now Pub had trouble locating .DOCX files in the disc, i.e had to type "*.docx" into the name field of the file dialog window for it to show up. Saved and restarted Pub This time Pub found my .DOCX file but refused to auto-flow the imported text. I.e. the correct number of physical pages were added, but only the first one showed text. (This worked fine right after I created the document.) Manually flowed text, e.g. 3 to 4, 5 to 6, etc Figured the link between the frames in Master A had become corrupted somehow, I deleted the flow-link between the two frames on the left and right pages of Master A. Pub crashed to desktop. It's possible I messed up somehow, but throughout all this, my settings looked ok to me. But in any case, the crash shouldn't occur.
  14. I just loaded a small Publisher file I have previously set up to use as a template. This file contains some 15 pages of random text and when I delete the 14 last ones, Publisher will go into a "non-responding" state seconds later. I can't include the file here since it's modified from a template I've purchased, i.e. it's not freely shareable.
  15. I must be missing something. (Not really experienced in DTP, but I have used applications like PagePlus without problems in the past) This is just an example: Set up a new document. Create a simple facing spread master with flow going from the even page frame to the next Place a sample .docx file inside the frame on the first document page and auto-flow the text onto multiple new pages. Everything looks good, so far. Clone a new master, this one with 2 columns in each text frame Apply new master with Replace option to all pages of the document All the text vanishes. I guess that's all right(?), but I'd assume the text still exists in a buffer, ready to be reflowed onto the pages again. But I can't figure out a way to do it. (Earlier I tried inserting 2 new pages in the middle of the text and applying the new master to that. After linking in the new pages to the flow manually, everything worked as expected.) A hint please?