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  1. This only happened once, but it's still worth reporting? I selected File Open and got the browse dialog. Browsed to a folder containing only Canon RAW files. The files showed no thumbnails I then clicked Open Preview Pane and AP hung with "the spinning circle" I suspected that AP was building thumbnails / preview images, but after 10 minutes wait I gave up and terminated using Program Manager. The next time I opened AP and browsed to the same folder, all thumbnails showed up and Preview worked fine. Browsing to other folders containing RAW files also seems to work fine (now).
  2. A couple of related observations, i.e. I'm not sure if these are bugs or intentional. They seem undesirable to me, however. 1 - General snapping Snapping, Force Pixel Align and Move by Whole Pixels are ON. I start drawing a rectangle and the constraints work as intended. I then keep keep dragging until the rectangle snaps to an object that has previously been drawn with Force Pixel Align set to OFF (and is non-aligned). The new rectangle dimension now is dragging with a fractional pixel value, e.g. 200,8px and keeps the ",8" part while dragging. This is probably as intended. I now release the mouse button and the rectangle is created with the ",8" dimension, e.g. "Width= 133,8px". If I now modify the Width by dragging, it keeps the ",8" part. This is possibly NOT as intended, as I'd expect the Force Pixel Align to override the fractional pixel part. If I turn "Move by Whole Pixels" OFF, it suddenly starts resizing to whole pixels, which seems counter intuitive to me, i.e. probably a bug. 2 - Exporting selection to bitmap Sometimes exporting an object, say a simple rectangle, to a bitmap adds 1 pixel to the size of the exported image. E.g. a 30 x 30px rectangle exports as a 31x31px image. It believe this to be related to the object's X and/or Y position not being snapped to a whole pixel position, because removing the fractional part of the position will usually fix the problem. However, I recently had a rectangle drawn at position X=200, Y=100,4 with dimensions 50x50px. This exported as 51x51pixels I then set the Y position to 100,0 and the bitmap now exported as 51x50px. That is, aligning the Y position to a whole pixel fixed the Height of the exported image, but the Width was not fixed The X position was apparently already aligned to a whole pixel. I can't tell if the issue was due to a bug, OR to the fact that the X position might be something like 200,01 internally, but was rounded off and displayed as 200. If the latter, this is not desirable behavior to me, as I can only relate to what the program tells me, i.e. that the position is 200.
  3. I previously remarked on the inability of the Pencil Tool to continue drawing on an existing path. Now I noticed that if the Stroke is set to none, you can't even see what you're doing while drawing. Surely, this is a bug?
  4. I notice that there is already reserved space for the lock symbol on each layer line in the Layers list. Please consider having the lock / unlock icon available on all layers in the list, at all times. The way locking seems to work currently, you need to: Select the layer Click the lock icon at the top of the list Unlocking works as you'd expect, i.e. you can click the lock symbol inside the list instead of having to use the icon at the top of the list. A small thing, but inconvenient if you toggle locking on / off frequently.
  5. adreamer

    Collapsing layers?

    I think Cut + Paste is the way to go for now ... should one be inclined to make the effort ;)
  6. adreamer

    Collapsing layers?

    Hi Chris. The Duplicate function I used as an example (ctrl+J) adds a new layer each time you make a copy. Most of the time, I use layers with a purpose in mind, but sometimes layers are created automatically, and I want to keep objects together on a single layer. The Group Layer functionality can be used, as you mention. However, if you group layers that way, the Collapse Selection function just collapses the list visually, i.e. it does not merge / flatten the layers the way I was thinking.
  7. adreamer

    Collapsing layers?

    I'm mostly thinking about vector objects. For example, if you use the Duplicate function (ctrl-J), a new layer is created for each press of ctrl-J. I'd like to select all the layers, and then have all objects in those layers collected in a single layer. I believe your method (cut + paste) works for this, but I was thinking that a layer related action would be convenient too.
  8. I'm used to having the "hairline" width available, e.g. from DrawPlus X8 Please consider adding this. Pretty please?
  9. (Copied from the Windows Beta forum) Although the current "duplicate object" functionality is quite nice (although it can probably be streamlined), I really hope it will be expanded upon. In particular, I'd like to be able to: 1 Select an object 2 Activate "Duplicate Matrix" (or whatever it would be called) 3 Drag to a different X - Y coordinate and drop 4 Select number of copies in the X and Y directions (using the mouse wheel?) These copies will then be placed between the original object and the new dropped one in ghosted form I should still be able to adjust both the position of the dropped "target" and the number of copies while the tool is "live" 5 Commit the duplication Being able to add random "jitter" to the copies, e.g. rotation, scale, would be nice too. Also, I haven't found a way to do a similar thing (but not as a matrix) along a path (curve)
  10. The Pencil tool does not currently allow you to continue drawing from the end (or start) point of a previously made curve. This is something I'm sorely missing from DrawPlus, as I use it a lot
  11. From the tips displayed along the bottom of the screen, it appears as if the "\" key is used as a modifier for a number of actions. This does not work on my Norwegian keyboard, as far as I can see. The layout of my keyboard would also make this an inconvenient key to use. I didn't see a way to change this in the Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts section
  12. Oh, and add to this the ability to set some randomness / "jitter" to the duplicates, e.g. rotation, scaling?
  13. adreamer

    Collapsing layers?

    Hi MEB. I suspected that would work, but was thinking there might be a way to just select the layers and then "collapse" them. In some instances that might be convenient, imo
  14. I'm terribly sorry. I meant the "PENCIL tool" The pen tool works as you say. (Is there a way I can edit the subject of this thread?)