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  1. At the moment if I want to design business cards and Christmas cards and such like I have to revert to PP.

    Is there an intent to provide AP with similar templates to PP.

    PP makes designing folded publication very easy. Similarly with business cards, design one and PP populates a complete page with the design.


    Thanks and Merry Christmas


  2. 2 hours ago, Hokusai said:


    Have you tried creating a Macro for the two actions that you'd like to repeat?



    Hi Hokusai

    On your suggestion I have tried, but macros don't seem to record tool or the drop down selections.

    Nice idea though. Thanks for your reply


  3. Please could you make the cropping tool and 'darken border' sticky, so that they remember selections from one edit to the next.

    I invariably crop to original ration and darken border. When I have 20 or so photos to crop that is 2 extra selections per photo and cropping ratio is on the left side of the screen and darken border is on the right. A lot of extra work. The export function is brilliant, it remembers the previous selection for the whole of the session, please do the same for cropping.


  4. When I have a lot of photos to edit, it's great that the export settings are remembered from the previous export. Can you make the cropping tool and 'darken border' selection behave the same way please. It will make my workflow so much easier and quicker.

    Thanks for a brilliant product.



  5. I do a lot of cropping of my photos. I take a lot of photos of cats and it's hard to frame the subject at the time of shooting as there is very little cooperation!

    Could you make it possible to set the preferred cropping format a default setting. i.e I mostly use 'original ration' so I have to select that every time.

    Also the 'darken border' selection, can that be selected to be either always on or off. Again I have to always select that before cropping.

    Apart from those niggles, you have done a fantastic job with Affinity Photo.

  6. I know it's really early days yet, and publisher is just a twinkle in your eyes, but will it be able to read serif publisher files?

    I have a hard disk full of Serif pub files and obviously I wouldn't want 2 publisher progs taking up valuable space.

    Just thought I'd get my request in early!



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