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  1. Dear Friends, The actual reproduction of this design is not important, it more 'how to' tackle something I first thought was very easy but still can not find a good way to reproduce. Basically I can see 4 vector wavy lines each with a gradient falling away on one side that is consistent whether the line is rising or falling. Interaction between the lines can be taken care of by overlays or whatever, its really the process forming a line by either using gradients that follow the line or create a brush that will do the job. The concept can then be used on backgrounds, letterheads etc This is probably something I will kick myself about but at present I am baffled. Thanks for all your help, Graham
  2. I second that. Its really useful to link the files and save disc space but we need a package option to send to clients. By the way I love the program and I look forward to having ease of movement between the three Affinity programs. Graham
  3. Dear team, I am loving what you have done and looking forward to Publisher. I have just seen the new PhotoMirage animation effect by Corel found here and wondered if something like this could be included as a filter in Photo, Designer or Publisher. It would be a great tool for web design. Thanks for all you have already done. Graham
  4. Thanks so much Callum for your quick answer. I guess I'll just have to get Designer quicker than I had planned. Graham
  5. I love Photo for Windows but could you tell me if this is a glitch or am I missing something. I know Designer would probably do the job first time but I only need to put a precise shape around part of a photo using a brush. I have started by using the pen tool to create the curve in a new layer. With this highlighted I have clicked on the box between the stroke colour and point width to access the Stroke style. Clicking on the Nul, Solid line or Dash all do what they should but the Brush button just leaves things as a solid line. I already have the brushes open and brush selected in the right hand tool bar. Within the stroke style box the pressure drop down works to vary the width but when the properties box is clicked the Brush pop out box is empty and all sliders grayed out though I can click between General, Dynamics and Texture. I can use the Brush with the Paint Brush tool but this does not give me the adjustable curve I require. The problem is still present in the beta and also if I try to alter the stroke of any shape. So where have I screwed up. Thanks for any help you can offer, Graham Curve Stroke Problem.afphoto
  6. I've uploaded a selection of good and bad .jpg & raw from my Olympus. Let us know if you want more
  7. No. They just bought a new dart board
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