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  1. Hippie Designs Works, if, as you say, they did not kick me out because I was using WebPlus, the WHAT WAS their reasoning? I did talk with their "Support" people and they told me that they had decided to stop supporting that particular "format". Their word not mine. I wish I had done that conversation my email of their texting service because that way I would have had a hard copy of the conversation.
  2. I started using WebPlus Started and moved to X5, X7 and finally to X8. Been very happy with the program UNTIL GoDaddy one day stop supporting the software I was uploading to my web page. With no notice just literally KICKED ME OUT And I was KICKED OUT! Question Will this be the trend from Hosting companies. I learned not long ago that even SERIF was getting out of Hosting. So what is the deal? But this is not a WebPage forum so IS AFFINITY DESIGNER Serif's substituted for WebPlus? Went to an affinity store and found some Affinity Designer Web Pages . . . and this is what prompt me to ask the question above. Specially since, as far as I knew, SERIF has SAID NOTHING on this regard. ANY information on this regard will be APRECIATED THANKS JARivera
  3. I use the DrawPlus Cutout to remove the background of an image like the outside or the inside of a circle or an image. Now, did find how to remove the center of a circle with the transparency tool, but I have not been able to find out how to remove the outside of a circle I am not a designer just a guy that like to put clipart's together to add or remove certain things and make my "own" clipart's that I use in my webpage (WebPlus X8). If I can do this, then I will seriously consider purchasing the program and slowly learn more about its qualities. You can NOT beat the price One thing I have just read . . . is Affinity Designer to became ALSO the WebPlus program or is Serif to publish an Affinity WebPlus version? Is WebPlus been integrated into Affinity Designer? Anyone please JARivera
  4. Just downloaded the Beta version 1.5.36 and was trying to build a button. Took a circle made the center transparent and would like to addd a clipart and move it behind the circle. In DrawPlus just click on "insert" and move back, Group and later remoce the background othe new image. However I can not find any "insert" in AD . . . A friend suggested that it might work like PhotoPlus . . . but unfortunately I do not work with photo plus so I am at a lost. Any suggestions Thanks in advance JARivera
  5. Working with DrawPlus X8 when removing a background all I ave to do is 1) click on the clipart 2) go to "Cutout" 3) once there remove the background or whatever I want to remove. Affinity Designer looks like t does no has ths "Cutout" How do I do this in this program???
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