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  1. I use the double-headed arrow from the Shapes button. Then I reduce the span on one of the heads until it disappears. It's a bit fiddly but I can then resize what's left, orientate and colour it. Voila!
  2. I just finished a graphic using Mr K's sensible, minimalist method. Only two arrows, so no pain. Hi Serif... What's the latest in this ongoing drama? 8)
  3. Thanks for that. If I import the files via PDF, will they remain editable? H.
  4. Installed smoothly (and remarkably quickly) on a Windows 10 system. I have some work-in-progress vector graphics (illustrations for a book) created using DrawPlus X8 as .dpp files. I thought I'd try opening one of them in Affinity Design for a road test. But I can't find a .dpp suffix in Open and I don't see an Import option. Am I missing something? Hebz
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