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  1. The Startup assistant screens in the Serif Suite were very good. Can we please have one like those?
  2. A very useful feature would be the abillity to tag a layer or group to output as a single bitmap on export. This way the document can retain its editabillity but the output will have the reqired elements flattened.
  3. Serif already has a very good Autotrace in their legacy program DrawPlus. Try to get your hands on a copy of that. You will not be dissapointed it is an amazing program.
  4. I still use PagePlus for data merge and DrawPlus for trace. In fact there is a whole list of features that I call upon the Serif programs for because they are still, after all these years, missing from the Affinity suite. Nearly every job we start in Affinity has to be ultimately exported and finished in Serif. So my advice would be try and get you hands on the legacy Serif programs. They will be super cheap now and will have the features we have been waiting for.
  5. So many of the features we are all asking for already exist in their Serif Plus programs. I can only assume that the problem is adapting the code for Mac and iPads. These features and so many more work brilliantly in the Serif titles. That is why for the PC users it often feels like a huge step back.
  6. How does the Savable Presets work in the New document dialog? I can't see a save to My Presets button. Thanks
  7. That is a good deal. Very powerful program. I just spent a large part of today using it to AutoTrace elements from old film posters for restoration.
  8. Hi Ikeyes This is the last and latest version before the switched to Affinity. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B00UYFVG54/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all
  9. This, along with many other essential missing features, are available in the Serif Plus range of software. I enjoy the affinity suite but we nearly always get 80% through a project before we have to abandon it and revert back to Serif programs for things like: Vector Trace, Knife Tool, Contouring, Data Merge, Vector Smart Flood and many more.
  10. Thank you for the replies. It seems to be working again today. Maybe a cold restart was all it needed.
  11. My Control + Drag to Duplicate has stopped working in designer. It is still fine in Publisher. Have I switched it off accidentally?
  12. It would be very helpful if 'Area' settings could be included and saved with user created presets. I am always forgetting to check 'Current Page' and ending up with multiple files.
  13. Hi Revo I agree with you. I love Affinity and anyone coming over to them from Adobe will be very pleased. But, having come over from Serif they are lacking in a lot of features we were using on a daily basis and seem a long way away from adding them. I think many people do not realise just how far ahead of the game Serif products were. I think if someone got hold of them and added a couple of small additions to modernise them they would continue to be amazing. Even just a new dark UI would be fantastic. Serif products are packed full of features that Affinity users have been crying out for for years like: Data Merge, Mesh Warp/fill and Vector Trace to name just a few. That being said I don't think we will see the Serif apps become OS because they would become a very powerful competitor and damage sales of the Affinity brand.
  14. I fully agree Paul. That used to be the Serif business model. We had a new version every 12-18 months for a reasonable upgrade fee. I think if Affinity run with this it would be a good way to keep the money coming in and give the users a good development guide.
  15. Serif. I feel that we were in the loop a little more with road maps to the next release. Side note: We are still using the data merge in Serif PagePlus as a stop gap.
  16. The one in Serif Drawplus was very good. We are still using that on a daily basis.
  17. Come on Affinity, please give your customers some idea when essential features will be available. We are all running businesses and scheduling projects in the design industry. We don't know if a feature will be added in a few weeks or a few years, we have seen both cases. We will not mind if you tell us a feature is difficult and is not coming any time soon. At least then we can schedule the task to different software while we are waiting. Your software is amazing, we just need better developer/customer communication.
  18. Do we have any rough idea when data merge will be ready Affinity?
  19. Would love to see a startup assistant like the ones in the Serif Plus range and now in the Adobe suite. It is such a boost to work flow being able to access recent files from a visual list and browse custom templates.
  20. Loving the new sizable thumbnails in the layers panel. I think the behavior of the panel needs a little work when large thumbnails are used. Switching a layer on of off or expanding a group results in the list jumping to another layer rather than remaining focused on the area being worked on. So a lot of time is spent lost and looking for the layer you are trying to work on.
  21. It would be great to have the fantastic feature from DrawPlus where selecting the Node Tool gives you complete control of kerning, leading and spacing on type. This is amazing for speeding up workflow when refining type.
  22. Hi Chris Thanks for your reply. My monitor is 1920 x 1080. Scaled to 100%. The condition is happening on bitmaps and vectors. Works fine if I move them over to Designer or Paint.
  23. I have the same problem. SVGs work fine from DrawPlus. Has this been raised with the devs for repairing in future updates?
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