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    General Photography - Edited on Photo

    Love your edgy urban feel ... Nice one!
  2. PedroOfOz

    Colorized photos

    Slightly off topic: Peter Jackson's new project will be using similar restoration techniques as They Shall Not Grow Old
  3. PedroOfOz

    Daily Design Exercises

    A couple of years back I took on the daily design challenge ... a quick idea executed in an hour or less! I lasted, aaahh, about a month Here's nine of them for your amusement. (Mainly) all done in APh and ADesign. A Collection Of W's Hiding In The Forest Pretending To Be M's ... Yes! they are there City & Rural Typography Ménage à Trois_1st Meeting Shape Play 1 The Morning After The Night Before Typography Play 1 Was It You (!) What's Up? You're Different!_We Don't Like You
  4. PedroOfOz

    Daily Design Exercises

    The idea of hiding the W's in the forest comes from Where's Wally? To spice the narative up, so to speak, I flipped the W's 180 degrees so they became M's. That idea, and therefore the title, was influenced by the bizarre humour of Gary Larson
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    Fuji .RAF RAW image sliver issue

    Ok, in Windows 10 DSCF1111.RAF craps out in APh as the OP says. The other file is ok. Both files open as expected in both Fuji Raw File Converter Ex. 30 and darktable (current version 2.6.0) ... (one of my cameras is X-Pro2). Houston ... we have a problem! Maybe ... ? I've not had any issues so far with X-trans files so ... ? Edit: Here's how the file looks in XnViewMP. Quite puzzling! Clicking on the thumb reveals the whole image (!)
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    How setup and Configure Adobe Campaign

    Google (apparently!) is your friend
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    Photo - Nature Design

    Yes, not gargoyle! ... but definitely anthropomorphic
  9. PedroOfOz

    Photo - Nature Design

    Very, very nice! Strong form (and/or shape) doesn't /shouldn't require colour ... and you have an abundance of form/shape! It'd be quite interesting to see how these images work in monochrome (perhaps?) The first image (to me) I see ... amongst other things kind of like an orchestra (?) Not sure as yet with the second. The third is stunning (colour for sure ... wonder how it'd look with colour reduction in the reds—toward monochrome?). The fourth. Ok, we're looking at gargoyle type imagery ... no issues with that Fantastic images! ...
  10. Ok, Thanks. Perhaps saving one page of the multi page .afpub document in .afdesign as a kind of sidecar file? (if one requires a thumbnail preview). Sure, it's a less than ideal workaround however until there's an Affinity DAM it's probably better than not having anything at all
  11. Thanks @R C-R I wasn't aware the list could be edited
  12. XnViewMP can read APub files if they're renamed .afdesign (I can't see the point of renaming to .afphoto!). Admittedly I've only played around with APub for a couple of hours when the beta was first released so my test for this was just a one page document saved as .afdesign (containing text, graphics, vectors etc). There's no issues viewing the document in XnViewMP. Multi page documents may be a different story (pun intended!). Perhaps others may like to follow that up?
  13. Currently XnViewMP can't read APub files. Presumably that will eventually happen. The screen resolution file size of both Photo and Designer in XnViewMP is lower than the actual size however sufficient for the intended purpose of viewing ...
  14. To view .svg in XnViewMp (which Adobe Bridge doesn't) uncheck ... as per screenshot
  15. To view Affinity Photo and Designer files in XnViewMP one needs to check ... as per screenshot
  16. PedroOfOz

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    Yes it does! ... Not that I've used it in a very long time I checked for both of us and yeah, it does the business and returns the corrected image back into APh without issues.
  17. PedroOfOz

    My very first work with Affinity Design.

    Agreed ... for the UK and also (down under) in the colonies Maybe not so for Finland though? I'm curious to learn more about colour association etc in Finland (Scandinavia generally).
  18. ... Should be the same for Mac #1 Check 'Show all graphic formats' #2 Uncheck the three boxes in Exclude if you want to be able to view .svg, xml etc
  19. +1 Not .afpub as yet though ...
  20. PedroOfOz

    Photo - Nature Design

    Magic! ... or should I say gargoyle! Nice one
  21. PedroOfOz

    Photo - Nature Design

    After several views this image is really growing on me ... there's a lot going on with it that IMHO requires more than a quick glance to appreciate your intention. Nice one!
  22. Oh, it's more likely to be some issue on my Windows 10. The font is not, and never has been, available to me in any of the apps I use. It just doesn't appear in the font lists. As the saying goes 'One doesn't miss what one has never had'
  23. Thought I'd jump in with my 10 cents worth here. My version of MainType (Pro 7.0) doesn't like Bahnschrift one little bit and consistently wants to remove it from the registry. The error being—Installed, but not loaded. From what I understand it's a system font that's pertains to Windows 10. Assumably it's broken and Microsoft can't be bothered fixing it! It can't be uninstalled.