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  1. Hi there, Totally agree, it would be an awesome (and at the same time legitimate) feature. But maybe the problem comes from Adobe? I have the same problem with copy/paste from Sketch to InDesign. What's wrong with vector copy/paste?
  2. Hello When working with many artboards, it would be great as well to have a shortcut or an option to auto-hide the layers of the artboards we are are not working on…
  3. Hi, I was looking for this feature as well and I agree with @aekorps that it's too hidden. It should be in the burger menu, or even better, accessible in the layer menu (top bar). I often work with Sketch and there is a keyboard shortcut that collapse all layers… very useful! I would really like to have the same shortcut in Affinity, sometimes there is simply too much layers, and I waste so much time to collapse them all
  4. Hello and thanks for Affinity Publisher I agree about the bleed area, it should be a setting for every new document, and it should apply to all the pages. The bleed area, and the edges of the page, should also be visible.
  5. anybodesign

    [Multi] Font activation

    Ok, I sent a request to the team at FontAgent Pro They kindly answer that, like Extensis, the more requests they will get, the sooner they'll start to consider creating a plugin They also said that they wish some more documentation from Affinity about plugin development
  6. anybodesign

    [Multi] Font activation

    thanks hokusai, that's what I was thinking :)
  7. Hi :) I would really enjoy a font activation feature (In fact I really need it ^^) I could work with suitcase fusion or fontagent pro for example. thanks for your apps !