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  1. I confirm it works I have only a single column TOC, but the wholes liens are now active! Very cool ^^
  2. Hello there, I was hoping the recent update would fix the overlapping panels issue… but sadly it doesn't No second column of panels either… Any other Mac user interested in these "features" ? I can't believe I'm the only one who can't wait for the fix.
  3. oh too bad 😭 Is it such a technical problem to fix it? The export panel doesn't overlap anchored panels on the right of the screen, so supporting 2 columns of anchored stacked panels (on Mac) could be a temporary solution. What do you think? Thanks!
  4. Hi It would be really cool to be able to anchor more tools panel to the right (or left) side of the screen. Right now we can only have one column of stacked panels. I'd love to have at least two columns. (Two screenshots attached to illustrate with or without the feature.) Thanks!
  5. Hello Any news regarding this overlapping issue? It's really annoying when you work all day long on a project with lots of exports. Have to move panels all the time…
  6. Hi ! I tried the table of content feature for the first time, and I'm quite disappointed that only page numbes are clickable… why not the whole line ? And in the generated PDF there are no table of contents links as well, whereas there are in indesign generated pdf. (see attachments) Am I missing some settings? Can we hope to have theses features?
  7. Bug or feature request (more a bug to me as well)… the fact is it's a real UX issue because it prevent the user from accessing contextual informations he asked for or even validation buttons. Any news of resolving that ? Thanks :)
  8. I noticed the same issue, thanks for the workaround!
  9. Hi there, Totally agree, it would be an awesome (and at the same time legitimate) feature. But maybe the problem comes from Adobe? I have the same problem with copy/paste from Sketch to InDesign. What's wrong with vector copy/paste?
  10. Hello When working with many artboards, it would be great as well to have a shortcut or an option to auto-hide the layers of the artboards we are are not working on…
  11. Hi, I was looking for this feature as well and I agree with @aekorps that it's too hidden. It should be in the burger menu, or even better, accessible in the layer menu (top bar). I often work with Sketch and there is a keyboard shortcut that collapse all layers… very useful! I would really like to have the same shortcut in Affinity, sometimes there is simply too much layers, and I waste so much time to collapse them all
  12. Hello and thanks for Affinity Publisher I agree about the bleed area, it should be a setting for every new document, and it should apply to all the pages. The bleed area, and the edges of the page, should also be visible.
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