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  1. Thanks for your hint and the instructions. Again: no luck 😭, there is nothing suspicious in my console log (at least for me). It was obviously a serious mistake to buy your apps at these Apple clowns’ store, I should have known better, since it’s pretty long ago that they did any good. So I'll probably stay with my workarounds, the problem is not really critical.
  2. @Dan C, meanwhile I’ve checked the MacBook Air that shows nearly, though not exactly the same beaviour: 'Add system palette' creates a system palette in Designer and Photo here, but each palette’s only available in the app that created it. The only system palette that is offered in other Mac apps (except Designer and Photo) is the one created with Publisher.
  3. @Dan C, thanks for your help. Your explanation sounds logical, so I optimistically did what you told me. Sadly, there is no difference, both apps remain stubborn. I can try it later on my other computer, but at least on the Mac Mini there must be something else going wrong.
  4. Hi @Dan C, no matter, I can workaround the issues. To answer your questions: Restarting Designer/Photo (or even rebooting the mac) doesn’t load the palette. I use a Mac Mini and a MacBook Air, both running MacOs 10.14 (Mojave). Designer and Photo have (unfortunately) been installed from the Mac App Store while Publisher originates from the Affinity Store. (btw: I would like to change all of them to the Affinity store which is not possible as far as I know ...) Hope that helps.
  5. Can’t add a system palette in Designer: 'Add system palette' does nothing, same goes with 'Import as system palette'. System palettes created in Publisher are not shown in Designer and Photo, but in other Mac applications. Behaviour in Photo is the same as in Designer, only in Publisher everything works as expected.
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