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  1. Does anyone have any ideas please? I have added Affinity to Photos (latest El Capitan update). When I edit a photo and go to save I always get an error telling me Affinity Develop cannot be used.
  2. Just tried a reboot and shut everything down apart from Photos - used the extension Affinity Develop, went to save my edits and error message again. After reading reviews I wanted this to work, but I guess that is why trial versions are so useful. Now here is an idea - Serif buy the rights to Aperture and incorporate Affinity into it, (not as extensions). What a great librarian and editor that could be.
  3. Hi Callum It does seem a little quicker for the app to launch, but I have now had several error messages as well. "Unable to edit with Affinity Develop" An unexpected error occurred. My iMac is old, but everything is running well, including running 24 bit multitrack recording in Logic. PJ
  4. I am running a 10 day trial as I am looking for a replacement for Aperture. I have found that once I had the extensions recognised by Photos, when I go to use them there is a very long load time. The haze tool made me think my Mac had crashed as it took ages. Needing to edit a lot of photos I found myself spending more time looking at the Affinity logo than doing the edit. Is this normal? I also have Snapheal as an extension which is instant to load.

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