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  1. That's great - thanks all. I found it easiest to use shift and scroll through to the end of the INFINITE little bits and then hit delete. Early days for me, but loving the software + the speed of reply in this forum :-)
  2. Hi there, I'm working on a PDF with a VERY complicated logo that seems to have been created with about 400 little bits - is there a way of grabbing the whole logo and deleting it, rather than from the layers panel doing one piece at a time? I might be being dense - but any help with this appreciated! I've attached a screen grab to show you what I mean . . . THANKS.
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to create a simple speech box with a dragged out triangle for the "Speech" bit, so I've basically got a rectangle with a triangle attached - how do I get rid of the line where the two join so I have effectively one image with a bit blown out a bit in a triangle shape rather than what looks like two shapes stuck together?
  4. sorry - asked the question then disappeared! Thanks all - it was the way I was opening it, I've found if I just drag the file to Affinity it opens so I can see all 84 pages. Ta.
  5. I've a well designed PDF that someone created for me - It's designed as a A4 booklet with 84 pages - what I'm trying to do is import the whole document, work on the pages and then save each page as a separate jpg. Is there any way I can do this? Having imported the document - it puts all the pages on an art board, so I can see everything at once - but I can't work out how to work on each individual page and keep the ratio of A4 for each page? Assistance please! I'm new with this stuff, so forgive me is this is easy . . .