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  1. Hi, I'm finding use of the crop tool really frustrating, sorry! I've just used Affinity Photo whilst at an event. I was taking portraits and then customers immediately viewed their images and purchased their favourites. Invariably a few of the images needed extra cropping, for which I used Affinity Photo. i was printing 6x8 inches, so I set up a preset for a 3:4 ratio crop (why is there not one already? This is a standard print size). However, whenever I opened a new image in AP the crop tool had reset to the default option (freeform crop). I had to select the 3:4 preset everytime. Could there be an option for AP to remember the previously used crop option? Also, the crop interface overlayed the image boundaries outside of the image. The image was filling my screen, and I had to scroll up and out of the image to find the crop tool handles in order to bring them back into the image - this was REALLY annoying and took up a lot of time. Either: 1. Set the crop tool handles to fall within the boundaries of the image and let the user drag outside the image if required. Or 2. Once the crop tool and crop ration/preset has been selected, let the user drag the crop boundaries over the image so they can select the crop region straight away. I really liked the speed of AP, I need to adjust to the interface still but that is a matter of time. Having used PS for 20 years I'm very used to that way of working. I like the fact many of the shortcut keys are the same in AP and PS. Kind regards, Charles
  2. Hi, I'm looking forward to your DAM once it is available. I hope it will be available on Mac and Windows simultaneously, but I fully understand that developing for both OSes at the same time may not be possible. My issues with the currently available offerings (note: I was a long time user of Aperture who reluctantly switched to Lightroom when Aperture development was officially discontinued). I appreciate this is feedback from one user and that you will have a very large number of different opinions to consider! Lightroom: 1. I don't enjoy switching between Library/Develop etc. modules. One interface for managing and applying edits would be excellent. 2. The Import process - aaaarrrrggghhh! I've been trialling Exposure X by Alien Skin and really like the way you can simply navigate files in folders, browse the images as if you are using Adobe Bridge, and then apply edits immediately without opening the files in a different application or having to import the images or having to change UI. 3. Exporting of images. This can take ages when exporting a large batch at the end of a big edit (ie a large number of images). Not great when in a hurry. I get around this by editing some images (eg 20 in succession), then exporting them in the background whilst I continue to edit the next 20 images. The change of thought process and UI from edit to export isn't an ideal workflow though. It would be great to have options for a 'quick export' shortcut (so an image is saved to a preset folder (and with file naming options too)) and another option which automatically exports an image when the user moves to the next image (ie no need to press the 'quick export' button at all) - this would be invaluable at events when a quick check/tweak of cropping and exposure are required (eg an event where the images are taken and then placed on view for the customers to choose their favourites and (hopefully) buy - at these events there simply isn't time to wait for the Lightroom import process and export process. Most event photographers shoot in jpg only for speed reasons (ie no time to process raw files to jpg before placing them on sale) and then use a hot folder with their event viewing software to show the images to their customers. For this reason the original file of an image in the 'hot folder' which is where the DAM will be editing the files will also be overwritten, so a copy of the original would (sensibly) be saved elsewhere - whether the DAM can handle this or the photographer simply has to create an 'Originals' folder elsewhere would need to be decided. 4. Touch friendly - touch screen computers (especially with Windows 2-in-1 machines) are becoming increasingly common. Lightroom is not touch friendly at all. Capture 1 Pro: I have similar issues with C1P as I do with Lightroom, but I find the interface even more confusing. The raw conversion of C1P is simply superb. However, not a single client has ever complained about the file output of images from Lightroom. I suspect the difference in quality of outputted files between C1P and Lightroom matters most to photographers and somewhat less to our customers - a few customers may notice but I suspect they will be an absolute minority (and perhaps in very specific industries anyway eg. fashion and other studio based photography situations). So in short. A DAM which works in a similar way to Exposure X, but has no import process and has instant saving of altered images, and also allows for presets of standard edits (exposure, keywords, etc.) to be applied with a single keystroke (no copy&paste of image settings or having to keypress&click to select images to 'sync settings', touch friendly, lightweight on system resources and good image quality would be amazing! Something like a cross between Photo Mechanic, Bridge, and Exposure X - but with quick export/auto save when moving to the next image.
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