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  1. Thanks for your answer. Can I turn this off so that objects outside behave the same as in the canvas?
  2. Hello, There is an unexpected behavior with copy/paste in Affinity Designer and Publisher (Version 1.9.1). When I duplicate elements with copy and paste, they are usually pasted in the same place. If the element is outside the workspace, it will be pasted in a different place (see screenshots). Claudia
  3. Thank you, that is also a good idea. But: The longer the path, the longer the arrowhead. And I need paths that have arrowheads at both ends.
  4. Yes, this works visually. However, this results in a shape, not a path. But I need paths that can also change direction.
  5. Thanks for your effort, I tried it. But since this is very time-consuming when editing larger graphics, custom arrowheads remain important for me after all. I hope they can be implemented soon.
  6. I need arrowheads for paths (not as a area) that are exactly as wide as the line width. Unfortunately this can't be set (yet) either (see screenshot), corners stick out at the sides. It would be especially nice if I could create my own arrowheads, like in Illustrator.
  7. Thanks a lot, just a moment ago I had already come up with this idea myself and while doing handicrafts It would be easier to implement this.
  8. Please add: dashed lines with more than 4 entries, so that a line pattern is created e.g. from two long strokes and one small stroke, as in Illustrator. Greetings, Claudia
  9. @prophet I experimented with your solution a little bit more and I can say that it works for me. Maybe in the future there will be easier ways to get layer structures in new, cut out documents, or to cut whole areas outside, but at least I have a workaround now. Thanks a lot! Greetings, Claudia
  10. Thank you, this is a very interesting approach and it works. The only problem is the selection. When I move around an area in the middle of a complex map with the selection tool, elements are moved. If I do this with "alt" + "control", elements that are not completely bypassed are deleted in the next step.
  11. @dominik Thank you, also a good idea, which I can certainly use for other projects. In any case I need - no matter how, whether as artboard, which can be exported or as slice or copy/paste of a selection ("lasso") - the transfer of the layer structure. By the way, in Illustrator this is "Remember layers when pasting" (see screenshot). P.S.: Thanks, the r is only missing in the layer palette
  12. @walt.farrell It is irrelevant whether with or without Artboard. The result must be a small section that retains exactly the layer structures of the original file. If I do it like you described, all external elements are preserved and I have very large files that I don't need. @prophet this is right.
  13. Thank you! It's real quite simple: When using copy/paste with a lasso, the layer structure should be 100% preserved, that's all I need 🙂 But unfortunately this does not work.
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