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  1. If I move an object with the Move tool and then want to move a second object by exactly the same value as the first one, is this feature available in Affinity Designer? Like Command+D in Illustrator. If so, where? If not, please can you insert it into the next program version, because it is a very important function.
  2. If there is already a graphic style in one color, e.g. red, it is not possible to create new graphic styles with the same red, but different line widths. I tested this with the outline color for paths and rectangles. The problem occurs only with contours without filling.
  3. When I create and select a graphic style, it is not automatically applied when drawing a vector path. I have to click the style again for each new path to apply it. It would be nice if you click on a style once, and then all new paths are created with it. In addition, I noticed that when clicking on a path to which a style was previously assigned, I unfortunately can't see which style it is. I hope you understand what I mean. Greetings, Claudia
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    Layers with umlaut in name

    Hi Chris B, thank you!
  5. When importing from Illustrator are layers that have a "ä, ö, ü" or "ß" in the name, shown in Affinity Designer 1.4.2 nameless.