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  1. Sure, I hope these functions will be available some day?
  2. What I still miss: 1.) The ability to switch on the Outline view mode for individual layers, not just for all layers at the same time. 2.) The ability to select elements using the same contour color, surface color, etc. At least I couldn't find these functions yet ...
  3. If I move an object with the Move tool and then want to move a second object by exactly the same value as the first one, is this feature available in Affinity Designer? Like Command+D in Illustrator. If so, where? If not, please can you insert it into the next program version, because it is a very important function.
  4. When I create and select a graphic style, it is not automatically applied when drawing a vector path. I have to click the style again for each new path to apply it. It would be nice if you click on a style once, and then all new paths are created with it. In addition, I noticed that when clicking on a path to which a style was previously assigned, I unfortunately can't see which style it is. I hope you understand what I mean. Greetings, Claudia
  5. Claudia_D

    Layers with umlaut in name

    Hi Chris B, thank you!
  6. When importing from Illustrator are layers that have a "ä, ö, ü" or "ß" in the name, shown in Affinity Designer 1.4.2 nameless.

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