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  1. Arrowheads! We have Arrowheads for Line Styles from Designer. The best place to report any issues is probably the Designer Beta Forum. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'M IN LOVE!!! Thank you for arrows. So far, they are fantastic!! On a more serious note, download went well: all my files opened just fine with this update, and things seem to be working smoothly.
  2. When creating a new document in PubBeta 238, all is well. If opening up a previously written document, it collapses the spacing in between words, forcing me to re-type much of the document. When I type in new text, the spacing is double the normal. So...1) does that mean that any document brought forward from earlier versions is dead (or requires tons of re-writing), OR 2) this is just a glitch of Beta testing, OR 3) this is a legit concern? I don't like to bother the moderators with weird bits that aren't real bugs. My apologies. This happened to me on the earlier beta (moving up to the one before this) as well. Two images attached to illustrate. The first one is inside the document in PubBeta. The strange spacing forces the squiggly red underline, as it should. The second one shows what's going on when that text is pasted ("paste special" command, with "unformatted text" chosen). Any help would be appreciated, if it's not a bug. Thanks.
  3. All good things to try--thank you so much. I figured I just had to wait until they were all done with their Betas before it would work. I appreciate your help.
  4. I uploaded it this morning, as well as a screenshot of what I see. Thanks for your help. Sorry to bother you if it's nothing at all--
  5. Will do. I have a broken document from the previous iteration, but would rather send it privately. It lost its Master page in the transfer, and you can see all the font problems. But it is my work on my quilt pattern, and don't really want it out and about too much. Elizabeth
  6. True--sorry for the incorrect identification. The captions are Candara. The body text is Optima. Thanks for looking at this.
  7. I only have the screen shots, as I went in to the document and fixed everything already. I also went into the Character Panel, played around with Tracking and Kearning (I think this is a tracking problem), but to no avail, so I just manually changed everything. I had to re-write the entire document on the last Beta upgrade, but was hoping this new one wouldn't do the shrinking-spaces business. Font is Optima. Thank so much for trying to help.
  8. I wrote the text myself, in Publisher, two beta versions ago. Each time we do a new Beta, it scrambles again. So I copy and paste the offending passages into MSWord (stripping out formatting first), re-type it, and load it up in the messed up places.
  9. Just to say thanks. I updated to newest Beta, and everything seems to be fine. I'll leave the more particular bugginess issues to the More Experienced Users, who are more familiar with what this program should do, but for a small-time user, it's working great. I wrote up two of my quilt patterns, exported as PDF, and they are out in the world. One friend noted a quirk: Where the photo shows a big black area, there was a text chart (right above the label Row House Roofs). She could see it fine on the screen, but when she tried to print, it was blacked out. I updated in the newest Beta and re-sent; she said it worked. I figured it was something odd that couldn't be reproduced in the previous Beta Version, but just thought I'd mention here.
  10. Hear! Hear! The difficulty is in trying to test out Publisher, a document is created (and yes, I have some attachment to it). If the builds aren't on auto-update, then there is no problem at all. But when I went back in to work on a document after being away for two weeks, it was pretty much unworkable. Still, I'm all in on this, so thank you for giving us the opportunity.
  11. I selected a page in my document, clicked on the Duplicate Selected Pages icon...nothing happened. Then sometime later I found an "unselected page" duplicated. But generally, it's not working. However, when I right-click, presto! Perfectly duplicated. Is this button supposed to be working in this build?
  12. So true (she blushes in shame). I just think of Affinity as some soft of SuperSoftware, without any flaws, so didn't think of that first. I do still wonder, though, if software gets "tired." Yes?
  13. Okay, so this morning it works, after shutting down the software all night. Does the software "get tired"? (if that is such a thing). I tried six ways to heaven to get that button to work yesterday, but no go. This morning-- it's a yes. Thanks for your help.
  14. I did have the blue border, but couldn't make it duplicate consistently via the button. Right-clicking worked fine.
  15. occasionalpiece

    Pub BUG: Random Caps caps Caps

    Like... A..or an.. I??? Not doing reports or that type of writing...can only report what I see. But that is intriguing.
  16. occasionalpiece

    Pub BUG: Random Caps caps Caps

    Just wanted to add my .02: I also see random capitalization. Both times have been after punctuation (comma) or after a fraction (1/2). Wondering if those trigger a capitalization?
  17. My title about says it all: after making a custom palette in Publisher Beta (227), I was unable to import it into Designer. I attempted to import it in all ways: application, document, or system. Will this be fixed in the final release? I assume it's because the programs aren't communicating too well in Beta. thanks.
  18. Designer. I haven't downloaded Designer Beta.
  19. I used a workaround of creating palatte from image. But still thought you'd like to know...
  20. I went back two versions to work on documents and Master Page seems to have disappeared, along with grids I set up. On another project, using only the one version back, the Master Page is still there. Any tips for finding my lost Master Page from two versions back?
  21. occasionalpiece

    Lost Master Page in latest build

    Yes...attempted to do this, but I was too late. The auto update took over and off it went. Any way to re-instate that Master? Can I recreate it, or should I make another document and copy/paste content over. Will it carry forward the attributes of the lost Master, and create all sorts of conflicts? Not despairing, simply wondering.
  22. I'm a newbie, but have some grasp of Text Box functionality. But this one has me stumped. I can't find any text that is overflowing, and have reworked this several times. It only shows up when I try to save it as a PDF, so wondered if it were a bug. Attached is a screenshot of what I'm seeing.
  23. occasionalpiece

    Overflowing Text

    Thank you both. I didn't think to look on the Master for overflowing text issues, which is where it was. I appreciate your quick response! Happy New Year.
  24. Jumped from earlier Beta Version to 206: no problems whatsoever. (Christmas kept me busy)