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  1. Hi guys, In previous versions of Affinity photo it was possible to edit a photo from Apple Photos by accessing Image then edit with Affinity photo. You would then be taken to Affinity and you could do your edits press save, close and the image would be returned to Apples Photos as the edited version. Since the update if you go through exactly the same procedure as I have just described then when the image is returned to Apples photos none of the edits done in Affinity have been saved and you are left with the original unedited version. This is the same on both my iMac and Mac book pro. I can still perform the the edits in the conventional manner via Edit then extensions affinity Photo but knocking it out from the Image menu is annoying. Any Ideas ? Mark
  2. Redfreak

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    Ok guys I must be as thick as two short planks but how the hell do you download the upgrade ? I have been onto the App Store it says Update and I click on it and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong. is there another method ? If so please tell me. kindest regards mark
  3. Jedorme, I still work in Aperture. I have set up Affinity Photo as my photo editor. When i work on a photo in Affinity i select save and then save flattened image and the image is saved next to the original image in Aperture. But this is the thing, it is always saved as a Tiff file. What i'd like to know is how do i export an image straight into Aperture but as a JPEG file. I apologise if this is really basic stuff but i can't appear to work it out.
  4. Thank you for this post thats saved me loads of time as i like rontaube was exporting each image back as a jpeg. Thanks again.