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  1. Just a small issue of labels overlapping the radio buttons. Screenshot attached. Cheers.
  2. OMG How come I didn't notice that. Any way to change the default behaviour? I believe that duplicating with ALT it is almost the standard in most design apps, including 3d editors. It would be great if by default the snapping functionality is present by ALT dragging instead of CMD. Thanks for your answers. Glad to know there is way to do it! Well, actually two ways :D
  3. Hey guys, is this issue really solved? I found that when duplicating objects by alt-dragging the duplicated object never snap to integer pixels, instead you get decimals. I have tried nearly all the snapping feature, including the new "Candidates list" feature in version 1.5 but none of these seems to work. As an example, try by duplicating an Artboard. You'll soon notice that it doesn't matter what snapping settings you have turned on, you always get half pixels numbers. This is a screen recording that demonstrates the issue: http://jmp.sh/XYCotNH Am I alone on this?
  4. Yeah, I agreed with this too. The artboards mode behaves too much differently from the normal canvas mode. I read on the another thread (closed) that is done by design, hopefully this could be changed in future, I dislike the fact of looking (always) the artboard labels and artboard canvas stroke, none of that happens on a normal canvas (no artboard); this is more annoying when you are on full screen with all UI hiden, where you can still see the artboards labels and artboard canvas stroke, which sometimes distract you a bit from the actual design. Been able to customize these setting will be good plus.
  5. Hello there, Today I noticed that for some reason, the selection of a compound shape shows an outline that is different from the actual shape. But this only happen on a very particular region, one that have a round corner applied. To be honest, this is not a big problem for me, I am just curious about it, not sure if it is a bug, a mistake I did or if it works like this by software design (probably not). Here is a screenshot, look how the outline of the selection differs from the actual shape in the round corners. Maybe I am doing something wrong?
  6. Yeah, this happened to me too. It feels akward to convert the text into a curve with cmd + enter. I removed the shortcut to convert into curve to avoid mistakes. That way I can type anything then click outside and press V to control.
  7. OMG I didn't notice :O Impressive. Thanks for the quick answer! Now I have fewer excuses now to make the transition from illustrator.
  8. Hello there! I know that it is a bit annoying to ask for features existing on other apps but there is one small behaviour on Adobe Illustrator that really saves a lot of time when you get used to it (and you get used it very quickly). In Adobe Illustrator once you add corner radius to a path and apply some boolean operations you could still control the corner radius (they keep editable). In Affinity, when you add a corner radius to a path (using the corner tool) and apply some boolean operations the corner radius becomes expanded and its imposible to control de radius after that. This is especially important when designing icons and alike because you're always trying to keep a coherent look but some shapes need more roundness than others so you may try different radius and decide to change it later on when you may already apply path operations. Hope this could be also done in Affinity Designer, I really think it is time saver behaviour, well, I honestly think that any smart behaviour like this are time savers in general.
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