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  1. How do I use app icon templates in AD? Is there an easier way to copy templates then to use the pen tool and trace? Is there a way to import app icon templates into Affinity? Is there a video tutorial? iOS templates and Android. Please help??
  2. How do I use this template? Do I trace it using the pen tool or is there somehow I could select icon and it copy's the icon shape? Sorry still new to affinity
  3. Affinity Designer is the first design program that i've ever purchased. Ok...Ive already designed several t shirt ideas. I just have a few questions. I have a few designs that are for black t shirts. The designs are white. My Art board was colorless. I exported the design but when I opened the file up the design had a white background instead of being colorless. So If I were to put it on a black t-shirt theres a white box around the design. I guess what Im asking is how do I export just the design using colorless backgrounds or color less art boards? I don't want the art board unless its part of the design. Do I have to trace around the whole design before exporting? thanks.
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