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    Wait for it, it will scroll by eventually.
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    huphtur reacted to iuliu in Crash trying to open preferences in AP 1.6.6   
    I think I solved the issue:
    - open Launch Pad
    - Ctrl + click Affinity photo, the Clear User Data window will appear
    - check only Clear User Defaults, uncheck the rest of the options
    - click the Clear button. 
    Now the app starts without crashing and I can also navigate through the Preferences.
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    huphtur reacted to MEB in Question about bleed   
    Hi virilagalaus,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    You have to set the document bleed in the Document Setup dialog first.
    With you document open go to File ▸ Document Setup..., then to the Bleed tab to set up the bleed value for each side.
    Note that currently there's no bleed preview on canvas (will be added in a future update) so you can only see i's marks after exporting the file as PDF.
    Let me know if you still have trouble.