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  1. Yes, please! Particularly needed for upsizing the canvas from centre without going into dialogues or calculating pixels. So you have an image, hit crop tool, set an aspect ratio (I do this a lot for a news site, processing upwards of hundred images at a time) and then want to drag out while keeping the original image in the centre. Edit: added a couple of GIFs to show workflow I'm talking about. See how it's neat and simple and it snaps in Photoshop and in Affinity it's kind of a messy process - crop doesn't snap to image height, there's more manual moving about and the image doesn't end u
  2. Hi Chris (thanks & sorry for the slow reply). Yep, can do. Yes, the typeface works in every other app I've tried (examples attached). Thanks, Erland.
  3. Yes please! +1 for this making it on to the roadmap sooner rather than later :-)
  4. Hi, having an issue here - possibly a bug. I have been designing something and using a typeface (Proxima Nova) which is installed in all its weights on my system. A number of text elements are in Proxima Nova Bold. Now, after I opened it up most recently, the bold weight is missing from the menu in the top bar and font dialogue. So if I select previously created bold text, the weights/styles dropdown is blank. If I try to change a new piece of text to bold, it only has a list of some of the other weights. I've checked the font in Font Manager and it still appears to be correctly instal
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