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  1. Same for Alien Skin's Eye Candy. Can't open at all now. Crashes APh every time.
  2. Beta 125 — Crashes most of the time when EC opens. Can do the filter on one rasterized layer/object, but when trying on a 2nd item, always crashes. Still no usable/accurate preview once within Eye Candy.
  3. Upgraded to 123 and it doesn't seem to crash (based on 2 tests).
  4. Just tried in v123 and didn't get a crash! Fingers crossed!
  5. Tried it a couple more times and it did crash APh once when it tried to open EC. Had to also force quit EC then, but when I reopened and tried the same things, it worked. However, since then it crashes about half the time upon opening of EC filter.
  6. I just tried EC on beta 122 and it does open and I get a rough but inexact preview. But if I apply an effect such as chrome, it did actually apply it. However, it did not create the duplicate layer, so is destructive. But APh didn't crash! Looks like the preview is the main issue, so that is a bit encouraging. Hopefully it can become functional.
  7. I just got through asking for the sticky ratio in another post today. We process a few hundred pics per batch, all of which need to retain the original ratio, so having it reset every time is a terrible PITA! I had also requested it back in 1.6 but it never got changed. At least the Darken Border is now sticky in 1.7!
  8. We routinely process 200-300 pics per session (yacht photos), many requiring straightening and resulting cropping/enlargement. In 1.6 we have routinely used the Develop Persona's Rotate and Scale tools due to a couple major issues with normal cropping in 1.6. With 1.7, would it be possible to please add the following to help our daily workflow? Within the Cropping Tool: 1) Make the "Mode/Original Ratio" sticky (all our pics in these photo sessions have to be identical format); 2) You have made the "Dark Border" sticky in 1.7 (THANK YOU!); 3) Please add the Crop to Opaque button (as in the Panorama editing) to allow automatic cropping to the remaining pic after straightening. Thanks! Looking forward to the final 1.7.
  9. JPEG photo. Clicked Crop, Restrained to Original, Darken. Did a Straighten then crop to the visible area, clicked apply and it crashed the app. Did it twice with same crash.
  10. Thanks! I had not thought of looking at the normal Crop tool info, thinking perhaps the Pano editing tools might be different. For much of my work in photo processing, I have always used the Develop Persona's Rotate and Scale to get things level. But I may have to look at the Crop and Straighten tools. The problem in 1.6 has always been that none of the crop settings are sticky (Constrain, Darken, etc.), so if processing a few hundred pics, using cropping I always have to click the Constrain to Original Ratio and Darken buttons every time. With Develop, no need for that. The "extra" tool I was referring to was the level/ruler icon, which I thought might be a different function from the main drawing of a line. When I had tried it, I had about 300 pics in the pano, so the icon was delayed past the first line drawing, so thought maybe it was a different function. On the beta 1.7, I'll do a bit more testing as time allows to see how it does compared to 1.6 on complex panos. I think I'll reduce the number of pics involved so as to speed up the testing. I was "dreaming/hoping" that maybe 1.7 was going to really advance pano work, but it seems to be pretty much the same results, so thinking not much changed there. Thanks for the assistance!
  11. Can you help me with another item in Panorama editing where there is no explanation in the documentation? There is a tool along the top contextual toolbar within the Cropping tool called Straighten. I can see from trying that it has some type of line drawing, but I have no clue on how to use it. Plus it seems there might be another "straighten" function available with that tool, but no instructions on what it does or how to use it. I'm also demoing the 1.7 beta but I don't see any real difference there in the Panorama editing. In fact, it seems to take longer to generate the original panos than it does in 1.6. It would be really nice if Affinity could do a bit more extensive tutorial on this otherwise nice feature/tool (Panoramas). And the Help section should actually include what the tools do and how to use them. Thanks.
  12. Just found out how to rotate (not intuitive or consistent with normal GUI) -- grab a corner and it will rotate, but cursor doesn't change. Still welcome some suggestions on how to get better alignment refinement after the initial render. I have also been playing with the Develop/Lens Distort and Mesh Warp tools after final rendering of the pano, but really need to be sure I am getting as much refinement within the pano editor before finalizing that part.
  13. Trying to do a complex rectilinear panorama (300 pics) and some of the pics are not aligned correctly (mostly rotation). I see from an Affinity video that the panorama transform source image tool supposedly allows for movement of each pic, but I can't see how to use it (no instructions in the online manual or Help), and I don't see a rotate cursor when I try to use the tool. Sure could use some guidance on how to align images within the Panorama editor, and really wish Affinity would publish something on this. The examples they have in their vids are extremely simple panos and they really don't go into any real detail on how to edit complex panos. (An interesting aside is that while it takes terribly long for Photo to create the panorama (15-25 minutes), it does a significantly better job on this complex mapping panorama than my normal PTGui pano software. )
  14. I just tried placing a jpeg, a pdf, an APub doc, an APhoto doc ... all without issue. Created a new doc and placed all items, linked. Saved. No issues. Same as reported earlier working with an actual APub document created in an earlier version but updated in 293. Obviously there is something else happening to create issues for some. High Sierra 12.13.6
  15. Yesterday and today, I placed several jpg's in a document in v293 without problem. High Sierra, iMac, 2-page document
  16. Just updated to 270 but the font size is still very small and much smaller than the other user interface font sizes.
  17. Aha! I was wondering if what I experienced on first trying 249 was a one-off or a problem. I had the same issue when first opening 249. Clicked on a link in the Studio panel but it went into editing the name with a single click. Double clicked and it opened the edit hyperlink, but when closed, the edit name was still active and I could not get out of it. Had to Force Quit the app. Has not happened in a couple other successive attempts after restarting the app, but still get funny responses with the Studio Panel. Almost impossible to double-click to open the link edit without it also activating the edit name. The only thing I've found is to double click to the VERY far right of the name in the panel. In the previous iteration, a double click opened the hyperlink edit dialog but not the name edit. Now it opens both which is causing problems.
  18. Links work, at least what I have tried, which are links to external url's. They don't "click" within the APub document but when exported as a pdf (with the Include Hyperlinks option selected), they do indeed click and link to the url.
  19. On High Sierra the drop-down menu shows a normal up or down arrow. In prefs/shortcuts it shows a double-headed arrow for both. No real way to tell that it's referring to either Page Up or Page Down.
  20. Be sure when you export that you open the More dialog and select to export hyperlinks. Works fine for me.
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