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  1. Just as an update, still get this crash with the final retail v2.1. Affinity Photo 2 Affinity Store-2023-05-23-113944.ips Affinity Photo 2 Affinity Store-2023-05-23-114101.ips
  2. CMD-Tilde works fine for me in all 3 apps (v2.1) with Ventura. Use it all day, every day.
  3. @Chris B Both packages uploaded. I did get the notice to update the GM (for Mac) and did so, but still the same problem. First time I could close the doc, but the second time it would freeze. Guessing it has to do with the 4 ADes graphics that are linked in both APub docs.
  4. @Chris B Finally had some time to try to diagnose this. I can now see why it has only shown up recently. It is related to a couple newer docs and the common items in both are linked ADes graphic items. 9 times out of 10, when I either close one of the ose docs, or quit when they are open, I get the freeze/beachball and have to Force Quit. I can package and upload if you can provide a link. Thanks.
  5. @Chris B Again, not sure if this is the same problem, but thought I'd better report it. I just installed the GM and during the install, APub rc2 refused to quit for the install and relaunch. Had to force quit. It did then do the install and relaunch. After the install, every thing was there, but when I tried to quit, same thing. Just a spinning beachball. Had to force quit again. And once again, no crash reports. I don't remember this happening prior to rc2.
  6. Not sure if this is related, but I just had with APub rc2 a couple freezes on quit. In the first case, there was an unsaved/untitled file and it froze (spinning beach ball) when trying to click the Save. I then reopened, opened the recovery file, saved that, then tried to quit. Again, freeze with beachball. Had to force quit both times. Interestingly, both times I got the dialog to notify Apple about the crashes, but in Console there were no crash reports. The only thing there is under Diagnostic Reports for the same time as one of the crashes, or perhaps the restart. Attached JIC. UPDATE: When I Revealed in Finder the diagnostic report, I did see 2 "Hang" reports for APub, so have attched those as well. Affinity Publisher 2 Beta_2023-05-13-181151_TRAC-Main20.hang Affinity Publisher 2 Beta_2023-05-13-181329_TRAC-Main20.wakeups_resource.diag Affinity Publisher 2 Beta_2023-05-13-181359_TRAC-Main20.hang
  7. I've had the issue of the linked text frame always scaling up. However, I had been attributing it to somehow inadvertently having scaled the page 1 text frame at some previous unknown time, thus causing issues for the flowed page 2 text frame. My solution has been to move the original text frame off page 1, create a fresh, new text frame on page one, then copy/no-format-paste the original text back into the new page 1 frame. It then flows to subsequent pages fine. I hadn't bothered to check the exact scale, so don't know if it's the 12% number or not. I had just assumed that perhaps at setup of the original what was a 1-page doc that at some point I must have resized that page 1 text frame, but don't recall that I ever did. Perhaps this is the same issue. None of this was using an IDML file that I can recall, But I do remember when it first happened. Took me forever to sort it out! I still come across it every so often, and never remember if this was a doc that I had already fixed or not. I'll have to see if I can find one that still does it.
  8. Just tried it on my Intel iMac and got a crash after saving and quitting. Affinity Photo 2 Beta-2023-05-08-113644.ips
  9. 🤔 Hmmmmm. I've never had any issue with this. I must be the exception! 😂
  10. Aha! Yes, If I zoom in and get to 22% and larger, I get the preview back. Strange. Must have to do with the physical size. Originally I had only tired a couple zoom in/outs, so didn't get a preview (nor did I get one when the original export dialog opens). Well, hopefully can be fixed now that we figured out what triggers it! Update: I just used a smaller 3600x2400 image and went to Export. Interestingly, the preview shows immediately AND it keeps showing even when I zoom out to max zoom (11%).
  11. Yes, I did and couldn't get a preview to show then either. Didn't have that issue with other test docs I've been working on, especially since I found the issue with the zoom reported in the other thread, so had been using the preview a lot. I'm guessing it has something to do with the size or content of the doc I was working on, but then again, you also had the issue, so not really sure at this point. Strange.
  12. @Chris B Files are uploaded. I tried again this morning with a cold start of APhoto and it acts the same as before - no preview.
  13. Just trying an export a large file (poster 15749x7874px cmyk 124mp) but get no preview. I did get a preview with another similar poster earlier. This APhoto file has another APhoto placed with a small graphic and a text block added. Not seen this before. I did quit the app, then restarted but same problem. Don't have anything else open that would cause a RAM issue. The file is 20.6 MB, so not all that large. Can upload a package to a link if desired. (BTW< it does output just fine, just no preview in export.)
  14. Just updated to 1742 and the problem is still there. The cursor is defaulting to the first input box/field, thus requiring tabbing an unknown number of times (depending on the app) in order to allow a zoom of the preview. Also tried to simply click on the preview in order to allow zooming but that doesn't work. As mentioned before, don't have this issue in v2. Seems to have been introduced in the 2.1 betas. Update: Just tested 2.0.4 and can see the difference. In this version (and earlier), the focus of the cursor when opening the Export dialog is on the type of export dropdown, which allows the CMD+/- zooming to work. Beta 2.1 opens the dialog with the cursor focus on one of the input fields (such as Size, etc.), which blocks zooming.
  15. Just updated to b1742 and the visibility buttons now show, but the layers pane doesn't correctly fit the width of the side panel.
  16. Just to be clear, payment for the iPad app is made to Apple via the customer’s Apple account? Just want to be sure before I send my “gift”.
  17. I want to purchase a v2 iPad Photo for someone as a gift. Can anyone tell me how v2 is purchased on an iPad? I got mine through the new Universal License, so I don’t know how the new v2 iPad apps are paid for. I know they download as a demo, and then they can be purchased for $19 as an “in app purchase”. My thought was to send this person an Apple iTunes/App Store gift card, but I don’t know if the purchase is paid through the App Store account or directly to Affinity/Serif. Thanks! For a birthday this weekend, so need to resolve quickly!
  18. Yes, always thought that the zoom for preview wasn't implemented very well. Back when it was first introduced, took me awhile to figure out how to use it. That doesn't work for Mac, sadly.
  19. When exporting in all prior versions, I could go to the export window/dialog and immediately zoom the preview in and out with a CMD+ or -. However, in beta 1736 on all of the apps it appears that when opening the dialog, because it is defaulting the cursor to the initial field, the only way to get the zoom is to tab away from any field where entry is required. Never had that requirement in past versions and it's a real PITA, especially because you're not sure how many fields you need to tab through in order to get the zooming to work again. Hopefully it can be restored to work as before. Thanks.
  20. Just tried to reopen APub and that doc, but it crashes. Reports attached. Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-03-28-135621.ips Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-03-28-135631.ips UPDATE: Tried Resetting Recent Docs, Defaults, Reopen Windows and it still will not open. May need to reinstall from scratch. Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-03-28-140148.ips
  21. Just trying Running Header feature in 1732 APub and all was working well...until. Having opened and closed the test doc a few times, I then was trying the Edit feature by selecting the Running Header, then right clicking to Edit. When I closed the dialog, the app no longer responded to any inputs (just a click error sound). Couldn't quit, close, etc. Ended up having to Force Quit. Oddly, this also crashed Photo beta 1732 (crash report attached). Test doc attached along with crash report resulting from Force Quitting APub. Affinity Photo 2 Beta-2023-03-28-134707.ips Running Header, Vector Fill.afpub
  22. Thanks! UPDATE: Yes, noticing that I lose the visibility buttons every time I quit the apps. Requires dragging the pane out of the docked position, then dragging it back into the dock.
  23. When first launching the new betas and using them for awhile, all three apps had the Layers visibility buttons gone. Stayed that way through quits and reopens. Found that I had to remove the Layers pane from the right-column docked position. The buttons then showed and I could then move the pane back into the docked position. Very minor issue but might have someone confused when they open v2.1.1732 apps.
  24. Affirm that Photo does not import the plugins pref, and all apps didn't import the Toolbar pref for Icon & Text. But THANK YOU, THANK YOU for importing the actual Studio layout from the working versions! That has always been such a PITA having to rest those up.
  25. Yes, agreed. A different issue to images from the Stock pane, but a similar idea. When the web image linking feature first came out, I tried it but, as you said, made me cringe at the thought that an asset within a document wasn't someplace safe (other than if it were on one of my own websites, but even then...). I just believe that to make using images from the Stock pane safe and user-friendly, they really should either be automatically embedded, or the user should be given the immediate choice of downloading it to a safe place where it can be linked, if desired to have it linked. Mysteriously and "secretly" downloading it to some temp directory doesn't seem wise or prudent at all.
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