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  1. Thank you!!! It's back to working (mostly) in the new beta. It does, however, have a glitch or two in the preview of certain effects. It appears to be related to bevels I think. But at least EC can now be opened within APh and there is at least a reasonable preview! So a BIG thank you for that! PS. I did notice that every so often, I could get the preview to work if I resized the window, but not always.
  2. Just found the general area in the thread. Unfortunately, in a skimmed reading, it looks like it might require having ID, but not needing to actually open it to run the script. But I could be wrong since it's been a while since I've read it or used the script.
  3. I think there is a problem with the importing of the ID master pages, so hopefully that can be sorted out in future betas or the final. Also, if it's of any help, be aware that there is a script provided that creates IDML files from ID files without the need for ID itself. Can do a single or multiple files, plus it's free. You can find it on the Publisher forum in that looooooooooooong thread on Opening InDesign files (can't remember exactly where it is, but a search should turn it up). Someone provided it and it works fine.
  4. Just noticed that the new column rules don't wrap with the rest of the text around a graphic, etc. Don't know if that is a bug or simply a limitation of the column rules. Be nice to have them wrap.
  5. I just noticed on the Aero LAS A4 IDML import that it came in with a strange/incorrect Master Page setup. The original ID doc had a default A3 Master Page showing 3 - A3 pages. However, the APub import created a single, double-wide Master (840x297), which would not be useful for A3 pages. (From the files previously uploaded.) You hadn't commented on the IDML-imported Picture Frames without controls, but hopefully that is just a bug that is going to be fixed. Thanks.
  6. FYI, I run CS5 apps (ID, AI, PS, Acrobat Pro, DW) and had stayed on Sierra. Eventually moved to High Sierra for about a year with no issues other than those already present in Sierra (error message on Quit). After a year, I recently upgraded to Mojave and my CS5 apps are all still working the same as far as I can tell. Roaring Apps also shows they work in Mojave. Just for your info. I also have to run a virtual machine for Sierra to run a couple older apps (like Mail Designer Pro) that don't work in High Sierra, which takes care of that issue for me.
  7. Just checked another IDML import doc. The Non-proportional Scaling error came up for a jpg, but the info in the contextual menubar shows that the scale shows as the same. I do notice that the DPI numbers do not match, so not sure how that would be. Note: This file and links have already been uploaded in another thread dealing with IDML import issues (no controls on Pic Frame).
  8. I'm also curious about this error message. In one document, if I select either of two of the errored Picture Frame, or the graphics themselves, I'm not seeing any image information in the context toolbar. In this document, both of the graphics are eps, so not sure if that is why there is no image info along the top??? One of the errored images in this particular doc also is an eps but has no Picture Frame controls either (an issue reported in another thread, with sample files already uploaded).
  9. Uploaded via the link in the other thread on IDML Import Picture Frame issue.
  10. Uploaded 2 sets. Set 1 (Aero LAS A4) has the several graphics in Picture Frames without controls. This file also has the mysterious 1x1 graphics created in the process (as reported in another thread). I included an rtf in the zip enumerating the graphics without controls. Set 2 (Series 5 Sell) is for the other thread where ID rectangles are imported as Picture Frames, but without content or controls. These were created within ID as rectangles. All the green boxes/rectangles on page 2 are examples. Overall, very pleased with IDML import so far, despite minor bugs. With linked text blocks, etc., much better than opening a pdf version. Thanks.
  11. Shows up in Studio on my Mac, no problem. Double check you are on beta 523????
  12. Interesting! You are correct. I select one of my presets, make changes, then click the + button and get the Cannot Add Preset dialog. But as you said, if I then cancel, click on a different preset tab, then go back to My Presets, the new preset is there as an unnamed preset. Bug for sure.
  13. Created a preset, but when I tried to modify the preset and save it either as a new one or overwrite the modified one, get a popup that says I can't save it. Should be easy to modify existing user created presets. The modification/change to the already saved preset was to change the margins.
  14. Also notice that after a restart of the app, the New doc window expands full-size, which on a 27" screen is waaaaaaaaaaay too large. I would think that once the window is resized by the user, that size should be retained/sticky even after a restart.
  15. Thank you for adding this! Even in this early form, it's great to have! Agree it might be nice to have groups/categories, plus the ability to run a group/category check.
  16. Trying to understand this. I tried a few other options to see if it would get fixed. 1) Opened one of the AI files in ADesigner, then replaced that in the APub doc. Still no controls for the Picture Frame. 2) Saved from AD as EPS, PDF, JPG. Still no controls for the Picture Frame. It appears that once the error happens at import/Open, and it creates the bad Picture Frames, it would require creating entirely new Picture Frames and deleting all old non-functioning ones.
  17. Opened a different IDML. 1) Noticed that any linked graphics that did not have a file type appendage would not show. Had to go to the actual file, add the appendage, then Replace in the RM. 2) A couple of graphics (AI files) were imported within Picture Frames, but there are no Frame controls showing, so cannot modify the image using those controls. All other graphics using a picture frame do have controls, so looks like it's just the AI file types. This file also created the mystery 1x1 graphic items (2 of them).
  18. I just imported a couple more IDML files and see that most all ID-created rectangles etc. are imported as Picture Frames, but without they usual Frame controls, probably because there is no image within the frames. Maybe this is normal??
  19. Just noticed another odd item. On page 1 a rectangle was imported as a Picture Frame, but has no content contained within it, nor does it show the normal Picture Frame handles/controls. When you select the rectangle (Picture Frame as shown on the Layers pane), the RM shows a jpg being associated with it, but that may be simply defaulting to the top of the RM list. But still odd that the rectangle was imported and/or shows as a Picture Frame. Perhaps this is just how it's done???? Doesn't seem to cause an issue, but a bit confusing.
  20. Just checked a different IDML import, a 4-page (2 - 2-page spreads) and it also had a small 1x1 TIFF created within a Picture Frame. In this case, the Frame can be seen when selected (a grey colored frame with beveling effect), but the 1x1 graphic within the frame does not show when selected or turned off. Obvious, of course, given that it is so small, but still there is no way that a 1x1 graphic element was in the original ID document. Something is getting read and these tiny 1x1 TIFFs are being generated within the document, which then results in APub asking where you want to store them (linked or embedded). In this particular document, I obviously said to leave it embedded unlike the other document where I specified Linked.
  21. I just checked the same doc that I had imported in b518 and saved, and it also has the same two 1x1 graphics. I guess I had not noticed them before, so not unique to beta 523. Odd thing is that I can select the Picture Frame in the Layers pane but nothing is highlighted on the layout. And the two items cannot be Updated in the RM.
  22. In this 6 page document where I had the odd warning of Too Much Embedded Graphics, it created 2 – 1px x 1px TIFF graphics and put them into the Links folder I designated when I got that odd dialog reported in the other thread. However, I cannot see either of those tiny graphics in the 2 places it says they are, and they do not preview in the Finder -- just get a spinning beachball. If I use the Resource Manager's Locate button, it takes me to a page, but nothing is "selected" on the page. A Layer is selected (as per the attached pic), which is a Picture Frame with the 1x1 graphic within, but nothing is shown or selected on the page. I can't imagine that there actually existed a valid 1x1px graphic in the original ID document, so this is somehow being interpreted by the import or IDML conversion. Minor issue in this case, but odd nonetheless.
  23. When I clicked to Update the files, I got an unusual dialog popup. I think I may have seen it before in prev beta, but not 100% sure. Asks if I want resources to be linked instead of embedded, but all files were already linked, so not sure why it would ask. (There NO embedded resources/graphics in the document.) Also noted that 2 of the graphics would not Update and continue to show Modified.
  24. Still have the issue with opening an IDML where all linked PSD, AI, PDF, EPS files show in Resource Manager as Modified and require Updating.
  25. Also be aware that there is a reported bug regarding pics/graphics coming in via IDML import not showing correctly, even after fixing, saving and reopening the file. You can read about it in a post on this forum and it is being worked on. Hopefully will be fixed in the next beta.
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