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  1. I deleted most of my files when I gave the Mac to my wife but no, I didn't deauthorize anything and don't know how, nor was I aware that it needed to be authorized at the App store. Could you tell me how those steps are done?
  2. I gifted my wife my Macbook, and she is trying to install her copy of Affinity Publisher. Even though she purchased the program on that Mac, and has an Affinity account, the program won't install because (I guess) the Mac was registered to me, Affinity is not recognizing the purchaser but the computer. She installed her copy of Affinity Photo on the Mac, but it won't let her install Publisher. Need some help, please.
  3. After processing images on Affinity and saving the .jpeg to appropriate folders, I usually delete the afphoto files. These don't show up in Mac Trash, and once in a while I find I Trashed an afphoto image I should have kept. I haven't been able to figure out what happens to images when Affinity Trashes them. Are they recoverable? Where are they stored?
  4. I think I'll try to use haze removal first, and see if that helps. Thanksf or the suggestions
  5. I have tried the haze removal on a number of raw images, many of which were shot in damp or humid conditions. On most of the images, I can move all 3 sliders extreme left to extreme right with no visible effect on the image. This is especially puzzling because before my last upgrade I have used this filter with positive results. Are there any other compatible apps or filters that I can use for this purpose?
  6. Just installed Affinity and can't find a convenient way to transfer/export my edits to my Mac Photos library. Probably missing something obvious but would appreciate some help
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