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  1. Old Bruce's efforts got me thinking and I found a simple workaround. Here's what I did since I only needed two sentences formatted differently than all the rest in the list; I removed the number list format from those two sentences, I added the numbers manually, made them and the rest of the formatting look the same as the number list, changed the first words to bold italic, and then I started the number list again at the correct number. Even though I found an easy solution, this still would be "cleaner" if I could do it in the numbered list, and making it work that way (Dear Affinity) is the best solution I believe.
  2. I posted this in the "Bugs" forum, but it appears that any solution is far too complex. All I want is a way to override the first word in a number list so I can make it say bold oblique without affecting the number, and that cannot be done. Please add the functionality. Thanks.
  3. Sweet! That works. Thanks very much. Well, I may have spoken a bit too soon. I can make that first word bold, but I can't make it anything other than the style of the number. If I do that, then the number changes too.
  4. That does not work for me I need to make the first word after the number bolder, I can't sect it alone, the number gets selected too. I think Old Bruce is correct about the number and the first character are the same thing.
  5. I want to make the words Step 1 - bolder and oblique. I can select only the text "tep 1-" and make the change. If I try to select Step 1 - then the 5. is selected too and then it's font changes. These screen shots should make what's happening clear.
  6. Sorry I meant shift/control/". I suspect there's some key combo that will work for you. I tried all combinations until I hit on the one that worked.
  7. Do you have the pref set to typographic quotes? Are you using a Mac? Here's with " first and shift/command/" next. (Should be shift/control/")
  8. That is it! I'm not sure if it was higher or lower. Make was lower down in the layer list. I changed the order and that changed the TOC.
  9. I want my TOC to be ordered based on the orientation of headings on the page going from top to bottom. I don't understand why my page 5 is not that way. The TOC should show the 1/4" MDF Cut Diagram before the Make The Cabinet Box. Any ideas why it's not that way? I tried adding an A in front of the 1/4, but that made no difference.
  10. I'm moving on. I will report it as a bug if I see it happen again, but I'm not spending more time trying to reproduce the problem.
  11. This would be a great time saver. I don't think any of the Affinity apps have this, but they should. Thee ability to save multiple workspace setups would be welcome.
  12. I would suggest to the developers that they test turning off "Dock Tools," move some Studio windows around and undock them, and see if the Dock Tools command works, basically to re-dock. I know I accidentally undocked a window, and that's when it went bad for me.
  13. I reverted to the old pref file and tried the "Hold down Control while starting up, this will clear user settings." I did the reset based on what was checked and that too brought back the defaults AFPub settings. I move on from here. Thanks for your help.
  14. Found the file. Something must have gone haywire. I removed the com.seriflabs.affinitypublisher.plist file from my Library/Preferences folder. Now AFPub is reset to "factory settings." Dock tools is available again.
  15. Walt, I see you are on a Windows machine. I'm on a Mac. I have tried the reset to no avail. I'm thinking this may be an unimplemented part of the beta. In the meantime, can anyone tell me how to reset the configuration to default? Is there a pref file I can trash?
  16. I still can't dock them. Still grayed out as you can see. Dragging them around and trying to get them to magnetically attached does not work either.
  17. How do I restore the entire docked windows setup to the default? I goofed it up, now I can't get it back. The "Dock Tools" command is grayed out.
  18. Thanks. I have it working now. One thing that hung me up is the text formatting is independent of the table formatting. I didn't know that. I see there is a way to use text styles on cells in the table format. I'll play around with that and see if I can streamline my workflow a bit.
  19. Try this. I can't make it work when I CONTROL click on this disclosure triangle. If I control click on the number (6, 7 , 8, 9) then the Delete Rows does appear. But I can see the "Delete Row" (not ROWS) command when I click (not control click) on it. Maybe this is intended behavior, but it seems odd to me. It makes more sense to me that if I am deleting and I have multiple rows selected, then my desire would be to delete them all, and If I have one row selected, then I would want to delete that single row.
  20. I see my problem. I'm trying to control click on the disclosure triangle. That doesn't work. As you say I need to control click basically anywhere else other than he disclosure triangle.
  21. Is there a setting to stop this warning from appearing?
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