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  1. There is some sort of bug here, but I'm not sure what it is. Best for Affinity to look at the files. Can you please do so Affinity folks?
  2. I stripped my file down to just the hyperlink text and the anchor. I attached the AFPub file here and I attached the exported PDF. I can't figure out why it works in the AFPub file but not the PDF. Test.afpub Test.pdf
  3. Thanks, that works on the Mac too. Seems it might make more sense if the Anchor graphic could be selected.
  4. How do I remove an anchor from text without deleting the text?
  5. It is not duplicated in the Hyperlinks Studio list of all the names. The link works in AFPub to show source and show target, but it does not work when exported.
  6. One of my hyperlinks to an anchor works in my project file, but does not work in my exported PDF. I've tested a bunch of different things to try and solve it, but still no luck. Do you have any suggestions? I will try to post a sample file tomorrow with this "bad" link.
  7. I added a URL hyperlink to text in a table cell. The link should be only on that text, but AFPub is adding the link to these two table rows. I see this when I do a Go to Source in the hyperlink panel, and when I export the project as a PDF and test the link there. That's not right unless I am doing something wrong.
  8. It would be great if AFPub could check to see that URL hyperlinks went to non 404 pages. Also would be good if there was a way to update all same outdated URL links in a project.
  9. Please add a Current Page view to the Hyperlinks Panel view page options. .
  10. Please make dragging from page-to-page faster when pages are stacked vertically. If I'm zoomed in to see the current page at zoom to fit, and I need to drag an object from that page to the out of view page above, then that action is way too slow.
  11. I think it's a valid concern. I suspect the only solution is to have a message appear that would say; "You cannot have two anchors with the same name" when "anchored" text is duplicated. That got me thinking so I did this test: I created a text block "Test." I duplicated that, then I inserted an anchor on the first one and AFPub named the anchor Test. I inserted an anchor on the second one, and AFPub named it Test 2. I tried it again and this time I tried to remove the 2 from after Test on the anchor name, and AFPub would not let me do that. OK became grayed out, so I guess this (duplicating anchored text) is a bug.
  12. Here's the reason, it's more than just curiosity. I made these photo numbers with anchors attached to each and then I added them all to my Assets. So my curiosity was what happens if I accidentally put more than one instance of the asset in my project. That will be a problem.
  13. I agree that it must be a bug, but it's one that I cannot see a solution to. If the dropdown used 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 to identify the duplicated anchors, and then say there was an instance of another text anchor that was really set on text of 1.1, then that would also create a problem. I guess we just need to be very careful not to place duplicate anchors, or we have to know that the hyperlink will always be placed on the last anchor. It would be good if Affinity we chime in here and see if they can explain this. Thanks.
  14. Out of curiously I created a test document with one anchor text, and duplicated it on two other pages. Then I created a "TEST" line of text and inserted a hyperlink on the "TEST" text. Although there are three instances of the anchor in the document, only the one appears in the Hyperlink Properties/Hyperlink Type/Anchor dialog box drop down menu. I then exported the document to test the hyperlink, and honestly I cannot tell where it is linked.
  15. Thank you Joachim_L, that does appear to do what I need.
  16. OK, sorry I called it "Artboard," but looking at the prefs I thought that was what Affinity calls it. I see they call it "Background," but seriously, you all know what I mean. So when anything gets fully on the BACKGROUND and deselected it disappears. I need to see those objects.
  17. Is there anyway to know that an object has been placed on the artboard? If I place something there it is essentially invisible. I'd really like it to show so I know it's there.
  18. Working again now, thanks much.I was very scared!
  19. Clicking the disclosure triangles does nothing. I have reset the studio more than once.
  20. I see the same problem. Sometimes quitting and restarting helps, but only for a short period of time.
  21. Changing the Table Name in the Table Edit Formats dialog window does not work unless there's also some other change made.
  22. The Edit Table dialog box window never opens in the same location it was moved to the last time.
  23. I see this now. Like I said before, it helps to make changes in the dialog box and watch what happens to the cells in the table. Thanks to all for the help.
  24. How does the "Apply to selection" checkbox work? Also, there appears to be no option to align text horizontally. I just gave up trying to figure that out and just used an indent and I will live with that.
  25. I still haven't figured out how these triangles work? Do you know?
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