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  1. Guys, congrats with Affinity Publisher release! Its amazing! But I have two wishes for future releases. Two instruments columns on right (or left) side /see the screenshot/ and OPTICAL KERNING support! Please!
  2. styopin

    Duplicate artboards appear on zoom

    Hi guys! I have this problem too via HDMI when I open AD on Macbook display and move AD window to second monitor (1920x1080). To solve the problem, I closed AD on second monitor (macOS remember this) and open AD again. It turns out that AD opens up on second monitor. It's not a fatal problem, but annoying Congrats on launching AD on iPad!
  3. styopin

    Error when copy-paste

    Hi everyone! I have this problem too, but I have an understanding why is this happening. The freeze happens when I paste any layer/groop/artboard to a file with different color format/profile. It was in the previous versions AD. Maybe my answer is not new... I tried. When I use both files in the same color format/profile — all paste fine. Sorry for my bad english ;)