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  1. I would like to scale an object by percent, rather than have to do the math to change the x and/or y.
  2. Thanks, MEB, This is exactly what I was looking for. (Indeed, I'm not a watchmaker nor need to scale by Pi!) I'm used to FreeHand, where you enter a simple number for scaling.
  3. Thanks, Alex, This is very helpful! (The drawings made it easy to follow.)
  4. Is there an easy way to reflect an object along a line? Thanks.
  5. I am also a FreeHandMX user, with an old computer using OS v10.5.8. I recently started using Affinity D, I'm very happy with it. When I saved the FH files as PDFs, AD opened these well, so I can continue my work. I wasn't able to use the files directly from FH (I used ext .fh11). I could open the .fh11 files, but they were not in a good form to edit. Opening the PDF files from AD worked much better. 1. From FHMX, export to PDF 2. In AD, Open the PDF (it will ask which page...)
  6. I began with the Trial version of Affinity Designer (1.4) and created some styles using straight lines (strokes only) and polygons with different strokes and fills. It went well. Then I purchased AD 1.4.1, but the styles didn’t work. It would not allow me to create a style as a stroke only. It required stroke and fill. When I used the styles, the strokes were of different thichnesses than defined. Can I make the Styles work in 1.4.1 as they did in the Trial version (1.4)? Thanks