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  1. Sensorgrafie

    Copyright information in metadata

    I also love to see IPTC Data viewing/editing in Affinity Photo!
  2. Sensorgrafie

    SVG import issues

    Oh lucky me ... I have found EPS files that I created out of PS & Inkscape and these open perfectly without any issues in AD! Anyway I wonder why PSD and SVG files open with issues!?
  3. I hope it comes with a RAW processor and the option to hand over image to other apps in a non destructive way to the original files.
  4. Sensorgrafie

    SVG import issues

    Hi, this topic is now nearly one year old and I still have the same issues that @jtucker has. I have created my business logo in Inkscape and opened the SVG file in Affinity Designer 1.5.1 and the position of the elements is not as they are supposed to be. In Inkscape the same file looks great or even in the Mac preview. But AD also throws out some parts. I also have that issue with my business card template that I created in Photoshop and stored as an PSD file, AD is throwing out (or not showing) elements. I deleted Inkscape and terminated the Adobe Abo so I do not have both apps available, but the Mac preview shows the files without any issue. Is there something that I can or have to do @MEB? Cheers Joerg
  5. Hi, looking forward to see the BETA :) If I may already post a feature request ... please make the DAM NAS ready, so that the catalog or DB is accessible to multiple user, which would give you already 1000 extra points over the flagship Lightroom :) Many thanks! Cheers JK