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    inspiringdesign got a reaction from walt.farrell in "Show Table" & "Show Table Format" does not work (BUG?)   
    Hi Walt. Thanks for your help. I was finally able to show the tables. The issue was that I was in full-screen mode and the windows were popping up underneath or other widows that I did not see. I've figured it out. Much appreciated!
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    inspiringdesign reacted to walt.farrell in "Show Table" & "Show Table Format" does not work (BUG?)   
    The Table button should open the Table studio panel, and the Table Formats button should open the Table Formats studio panel.
    If you already have those panels docked in your studio, all that would happen is that the studio panel would give the specified panel the focus. That is not necessarily a very visible action.
    If you don't have them installed in your studio, then you would get a more visible effect, of the studio panel popping up in a new floating studio panel.
    Of course, neither of those will work if you've hidden the Studio. So, if you've hidden the Studio, try View > Studio > Hide Studio again, to unhide it. (Or Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + H, depending on whether you're using Windows or Mac.)
    If that doesn't explain what you're seeing, try View > Studio > Table or View > Studio > Table Formats. Do those work? If not, you might try View > Studio > Reset Studio and see if that helps.
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    inspiringdesign reacted to Dazmondo77 in Since latest update, Publisher is laggy, practically unusable   
    I also reported massive slowdown, with the latest build, just watching the beachball, yesterday, not had any response yet
    After a few tests I nailed the sluggishness down to a complex vector logo, once I removed the logo, publisher came back to life and back upto speed, it's definitely a bug as the artwork was originally put together 2 or 3 betas back and with the culprit logo in place yet there was no slowdown at all  
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    inspiringdesign got a reaction from JeremyKew in How to preserve transparency with fill in Photo   
    It was very easy to preserve the transparency of a layer in PSD. But in Affinity Photo, I cannot figure it out.
    I have a semi transparent layer with black art in it in varying degrees of transparency. I want to fill the layer but preserve the transparency in oder to change the colour of the art.
    Cannot figure that out. Thought it would be very simple.
    Thanks for your help.
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    inspiringdesign reacted to kaffeeundsalz in How to preserve transparency with fill in Photo   
    Before you fill the layer, select it in the Layers Panel and go to Select > Selection From Layer.
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    inspiringdesign reacted to MEB in Optional Coloured/Transparent PNG backgrounds   
    Hello VertigoBirdie,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums.
    To make the background transparent go to File -> Document Setup (or with the Move Tool selected click anywhere outside the document to deselect everything and then click the Document Setup button in the context toolbar) and in the color section check Transparent background checkbox.
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    inspiringdesign got a reaction from peter in Any details on Publisher   
    Hi, I'm very new to Affinity, I'm in the process of trying out the demos and love them. I've been a designer for 22 years and am ready to switch from Adobe.
    I've read a few posts about a Affinity Publisher for some time in the future to replace InDesign. Is this true? If there are any details on this please let me know. Is it months away or years away?
    I'd love to volunteer myself as a beta tester when it is ready. I consider myself an Indesign expert at the moment, so I'd be able to offer valuable insight. In my opinion anyway.
    Well, that's it, thanks for making amazing software and offering a fair and reasonable pricing model.
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