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  1. Hi, and thank you for your help. Unfortunately, your method did not give the desired results.


    I have attached 2 screenshots.


    One of them has the original transparent layer (Black) on the yellow background.


    The other has the new transparent layer with white fill using the method you described.


    You can see that many of the pixels, instead of being varying degrees of white transparency became gray. That shouldn't happen.


    Any other suggestions? Thank you.



  2. It was very easy to preserve the transparency of a layer in PSD. But in Affinity Photo, I cannot figure it out.


    I have a semi transparent layer with black art in it in varying degrees of transparency. I want to fill the layer but preserve the transparency in oder to change the colour of the art.


    Cannot figure that out. Thought it would be very simple.


    Thanks for your help.



  3. Hi, I'm very new to Affinity, I'm in the process of trying out the demos and love them. I've been a designer for 22 years and am ready to switch from Adobe.


    I've read a few posts about a Affinity Publisher for some time in the future to replace InDesign. Is this true? If there are any details on this please let me know. Is it months away or years away?


    I'd love to volunteer myself as a beta tester when it is ready. I consider myself an Indesign expert at the moment, so I'd be able to offer valuable insight. In my opinion anyway.


    Well, that's it, thanks for making amazing software and offering a fair and reasonable pricing model.