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  1. Hi, thanks for your help, I figured in out. I used the expand tool that gives me a shape of my lines. I added a rectangle on top of this shape and used the divide tool. This way I got shapes of my lines plus additional shapes of for the area between the lines. This way I have everything I wanted. Thanks Mark
  2. Thanks, Is there any special requirement for the brush lines? I tried Expand Stroke yesterday, but could not make it work. First I tried to expand the entire drawing, meaning all lines in a dogs face, this may be really complex. Then I tried to expand parts of it, but I got single lines when I clicked the drawing to select a shape. I did not have a shape. Do you have an idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks Mark
  3. Great question Kathrin and great answer. Let me ask some more details: I am drawing a portrait of a dog right now with the vector brush tool using a Wacom tablet. I successfully created a brush that does a great job on the hair. I have drawn the outline of a big brown spot that has a fuzzy line due to the hair. I wanted to give that spot a brown base color. So I thought I just group these brush lines and set the fill color with the color tool. I could not figure out a way to do this however. I can easily create a brown spot with a vague shape using the pen tool. The nodes I create with the pen tool will connect as a shape that has a body or surface to fill. The vector shape is really far from the hairy drawing I can do with the brush though. Is this a difference between the tools? Can you please suggest a way to group my brush lines into a shape that I can fill? Thanks Mark Thanks Mark
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