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  1. havenyi

    Cursor jump when using Input-Methor

    I met this problem, too. QQ20180516-224903.mp4
  2. havenyi

    Support Alipay

    Yes,I think Alipay is very popular in China. I hope Affinity could support it on your online store(for windows).
  3. +1 for this please! Let me know if you want some more Fireworks files
  4. havenyi

    Import Fireworks PNG

    Why Affinity Designer support import Freehand ‘s files without supporting Fireworks's files?
  5. havenyi

    Import Fireworks PNG

    I like Fireworks very much,And Affinity Designer has many excellent features of Fireworks.Hope that the two complement each other
  6. In China, Alipay used more popular. Please open the Alipay payment!
  7. havenyi

    AD0.29 slices bug

    Thank you! Problem has been solved 太高兴了! :wub:
  8. When Export slices,the width of slice Add a pixel
  9. In the Fireworks, click the Shift can show the distance of Guides :D :D :D :D :D
  10. havenyi

    Affinity Designer on Windows (

    加油!赞一个! :P
  11. 报错以后,应用就挂掉了 Google Translate: After the error, and hung up the application
  12. 谢谢!~朋友已经分享!