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    fde101 got a reaction from Priyantha in How to edit metadata   
    Not sure how that relates to the subject of the thread, but you can do this already: View -> Studio -> Metadata
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    fde101 got a reaction from vonBusing in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    Studiolink doesn't actually grab the features from the other app.
    The Designer features that are available to Publisher are included in the Publisher build and disabled unless it sees that Designer is there.
    Thus with the Designer build being newer than the Publisher build, the new features won't show up in Publisher until the next Publisher build comes out.
    The type of modularity you seem to be thinking of would be technically infeasible while following the app store model, and since Serif releases to app stores, they need to do it that way to work around those limitations.
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    fde101 got a reaction from PaoloT in Text editors   
    On the Mac you might consider using Nisus Writer Pro, which uses RTF as its native file format.  It is a fairly complete word processor, but is easily much lighter-weight than something like LibreOffice.
    There is also Nisus Writer Express, with fewer features and a correspondingly lower price.
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    fde101 reacted to Mark Oehlschlager in IDML export   
    If that's the most economical way out of this problem you have (as opposed to purchasing the PDF2DTP license), do what you must. 
    I'm not sure why the publisher demands INDD files and refuses PDF files. But if you are wedded to this publisher, you have no choice but to either subscribe to Adobe InDesign, or to purchase the Markzware PDF2DTP license. To my knowledge, Markzware does not yet make a Publisher 2 IDML or INDD conversion app.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Mark Oehlschlager in IDML export   
    I thought you were doing the graphic design, so why should that matter?
    People publish works created in QuarkXPress, and that can't export IDML either.
    In any case, if you can't switch publishers, you may be stuck with doing a bunch of extra work for now.
    IDML export would be nice to have, but even if and when it does show up (seems unlikely for 1.9 at this point so I would guess it will be at least another year if not several) it is likely that due to differences in the feature sets and interpretations of parameters between the two programs, what the publishers would get by importing a Publisher-exported IDML into InDesign will require a bit of cleaning up to be useful, and do you want to trust them to do that without losing the time you put into getting it right in the first place?
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    fde101 got a reaction from Mark Oehlschlager in IDML export   
    Consider changing publishers if possible?
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    fde101 got a reaction from Old Bruce in IDML export   
    Granted, though the argument was that the publishing houses were using InDesign (reference is to the application, not the format, so my error in the way I phrased that), and while IDML is open, it is still not an appropriate distribution format.
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    fde101 reacted to walt.farrell in IDML export   
    And there are inconsistencies and unsupported functions that cause difficulties with that export/import in both directions.
    That's why we know it's likely there will also be issues if IDML export is provided.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Mark Oehlschlager in IDML export   
    While I agree that IDML export should be supported, it is for completely different reasons.  it would make Publisher one of very few page layout applications that can exchange layout data bidirectionally with other applications; it would also open the door to allowing other developers to process those IDML files to do stuff with them that may not fit well into the model of what can be done directly inside the application.
    Publishing houses shouldn't be working with any of these programs' proprietary formats, Adobe or otherwise.  They should be working with PDF.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Mark Oehlschlager in IDML export   
    I don't think that is what is going on here.
    The ability to export IDML is quite desirable whether you are interfacing with InDesign or not.
    The main benefit is that IDML is an open format which can be imported into a number of other publishing apps - QuarkXPress for example, not just InDesign - so it provides a way to transport documents into another app at some point in the future if that need arises, giving a better starting point than simply using PDF or the like.
    The main argument I've seen is that it is not reasonable to assume that IDML export will provide clients with a usable document straight into one app when the design was produced with another.  An IDML file produced by Publisher may not give you exactly the same layout when opened in InDesign or QuarkXPress - text might flow differently for example - so treating it as an interchange format for completed work being transferred across apps is inappropriate no matter how well Serif might implement the format itself.
    So it would be good to complete the circle of moving projects between apps but it must then be treated as an intermediate transfer format, not a final project transfer format.  The documents will require some clean-up and adjustment when the app changes, and that is something the client should not be expected to do.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Pšenda in Hyperlinks   
    That link points to help for Publisher, not for Designer.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Boldlinedesign in Boolean issues with Add   
    That request has been out there for a while now:
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    fde101 got a reaction from walt.farrell in Hyperlinks   
    It's called an image map, and it is indeed coded in the HTML, not embedded into an image file.
    The best you could hope for here would be an option to somehow visually design an image map and export it separately as an HTML file from the Affinity applications.  If this were ever implemented I would expect it to be in Photo rather than Designer.
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    fde101 reacted to walt.farrell in Help Files for Bullets & Numbering are Unclear & Unhelpful   
    Yes, "Story" is the technical term used by Serif for the content of a set of linked text frames.
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    fde101 reacted to PeterB. in Can no longer assign my own ICC profiles   
    They definitely will, but then I'll just copy them back in until Serif has fixed this bug  I posted this in case anyone needs a quick fix.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Mark Oehlschlager in Help Files for Bullets & Numbering are Unclear & Unhelpful   
    They need to be set up as text styles.  For each one set the "Next level" (on the "Style" page) to the text style for the next level, making the name of that option quite appropriate...
    If you look at the sample styles that are set up by default in a new document, "Bullet 1" has "Next style" set to "Bullet 2", then "Bullet 2" to "Bullet 3"; similarly for "Numbered 1" -> "Numbered 2" -> "Numbered 3"...
    It does exactly what it says: it causes a numbered list to start over from the current paragraph.  That is, if you are on item "4.", it is renumbered as item "1." - making it in effect the start of a new list.
    This indicates the level of the current paragraph (if using the Paragraph studio panel - or the level of paragraphs using the text style this is set on when doing it correctly) within a hierarchy of multi-level lists.
    For example, if you have three items at level one, followed by two items at level 2, then two more at level 1, the numbers will run "1.", "2.", "3.", "1.", "2.", "4.", "5." - because the second set of "1." and "2." are actually an (ideally indented) list underneath item "3.", then when you drop back to level 1, the numbering of that list continues.  If you have more level 2 items after say "5.", the numbering restarts for those because it is a separate child list underneath "5." and thus distinct from the level 2 list underneath "3."...   think of it as the number of tab stops that the list items should have been indented?
    These are used to distinguish multiple overlapping lists, or the same list threaded through multiple stories within a document.  The numbering can be maintained across text boxes that way, or if there are other paragraphs and lists in between the one that was named.  Items with the same "name" are considered part of the same list.  Having "global" checked means that it is maintained as a single list even through multiple stories (without that checked it is maintained only within the current story).  You may need to set "Restart numbering" to "Manual Only" for this to work as intended.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Dazmondo77 in Can anyone recommend an acrobat pro alternative?   
    Mojave runs 32-bit applications but complains about it to alert the user that the next version will not run them.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Sean P in deleting asset categories crashes Designer   
    I reported this a few weeks ago as happening with Photo and Publisher, but apparently it was contagious and Designer has it now too?
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    fde101 got a reaction from garrettm30 in Word count in Affinity Publisher   
    So...  what do you suggest?
    Hmm, after reading that... maybe I missed my calling and I should go into marketing?
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    fde101 reacted to Alfred in Word count in Affinity Publisher   
    I think it would be more useful to have a Story Word Count, where a ‘story’ is a set of linked text frames. If the selected frame weren’t linked to any others, the result would be a Frame Word Count.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Alfred in Word count in Affinity Publisher   
    So...  what do you suggest?
    Hmm, after reading that... maybe I missed my calling and I should go into marketing?
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    fde101 got a reaction from MikeW in Word count in Affinity Publisher   
    So...  what do you suggest?
    Hmm, after reading that... maybe I missed my calling and I should go into marketing?
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    fde101 reacted to Mithferion in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    Good I read this: doing a backup of the original Cat ASAP.
    Best regards!
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    fde101 got a reaction from JGD in Make toolbar and toolbox dockable in Separated Mode; force windows out from under said docked UI elements so that UI chrome is accessible; make titlebar Zoom [+] button (Option+Green Button)/Window>Zoom command adhere to HIG   
    It is not 100% clear from what I am finding in the guidelines, but what is clear is that any given window or app is not required to support full screen mode - in fact the guidelines actively discourage supporting full screen mode unless it makes sense to do so (something that a user will want to focus in on).
    My interpretation is that the zoom button should work the way it does if full screen mode is supported by the window, and revert to the traditional zoom behavior if it does not.  In that interpretation the apps are working correctly.
    However, I do seriously wish that there were a system-wide setting in the OS to reverse this behavior, zooming by default and going to full-screen mode only when option is held down.  For my own personal workstation it is not a big deal, but in a shared system being used to present content in front of people, going full-screen with a window can in some configurations black out other screens, including a projector, making it quite distracting and interrupt the presentation if a user hits the zoom button either accidentally or without realizing that it will behave that way.
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    fde101 got a reaction from JET_Affinity in Essential needs for Designer   
    So you like it when people break the rules only to fail to accomplish anything?
    This thread actually manages to break all four of them (the first three by the OP and the last one by two of you):
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