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  1. fde101

    Affinity Word?

    Scrivener is great, and I use that as well, but it is not a word processor in the same sense as the other programs we are discussing - different type of beast.
  2. fde101

    Justification and hyphenation

    I believe TeX is actually public domain? Personally I think it would be nice to have metafont support, but I'm sure that's a fairly large effort, so I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Actually, it might be nice to have standard callouts like that added to the set of shapes that can be created directly from the toolbar...
  4. fde101

    Affinity Word?

    I use Mellel, but looks like Atlantis is only for the inferior platform, so that may not help much if you are looking at that one.
  5. The world is wrong. Deal with it. The primary target of this software has already been clearly defined as printed material, though the Affinity team has already indicated they do plan on adding some level of support for a currently unspecified set of ebook formats at some point. This is NOT a web site designer, nor would I for one wish it to become one - wrong kind of tool for that. Web sites need to have a responsive layout, which is in conflict with the form of design this program handles - it is designed for producing materials with a fixed layout. The only way to reasonably support both in one program without a significant compromise would be to have two different types of documents - a responsive document and a fixed-format document - but then it may as well be a separate program, which could be more focused on the intended task, so not much value in that approach.
  6. They have already said that inline graphics and anchored objects are on the roadmap. Others are asking for grep searching, not sure about paragraphs that span columns (that is actually a thing? I find that curious as it sounds like it is basically a temporary change in the column structure that merges two or more of the columns back into a single column?)
  7. Somewhere on another thread someone from the Affinity team already indicated that hyperlinks are on the roadmap but they didn't have a timetable on them yet.
  8. Sorry, missed this question until just now... no, I'm not. Off the top of my head I believe it is an Apple Studio Display with a mini displayport connector? Predates retina displays in any case.
  9. I think it should be a panel that can be dragged into the studio. That would give more flexibility and I see no reason why it need be treated otherwise.
  10. How about light-seconds while we are at it? Right-clicking on the ruler to change measurements would certainly be nice. Custom measurement units a nice plus, but not sure how well the point/pica system would translate to that scheme unless custom formatting of the values was also provided for (12p3 may not be well-taken by a system that only expects a single numeric value to convert)? I also came across this discussion which tells us that this question is not unique to this forum: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/329619
  11. There could be a preference that would enable an indicator of some sort to be displayed next to the font name in the lists where fonts are selected to indicate its embedding rights.
  12. One potential way to address a few of these concerns would be to allow multiple copies of the swatches panel to be opened at once (then you could have one with the document colors, one with the pantone colors...)
  13. As this appears to be a bug, perhaps a moderator could move this thread to the bugs-on-mac forum?
  14. You might find this useful: https://poynton.ca/notes/misc/mac-unicode-hex-input.html
  15. I believe some traditional Japanese texts actually run top-to-bottom (a "line" is written as a column) then right-to-left?
  16. If you are on a Mac you should also be able to split a PDF using Preview, by dragging the individual page thumbnails out of the sidebar. Only practical if there are a small number of pages, but depending on what you are doing it might help.
  17. fde101

    Dots in tabs

    It looks like it might be using the same number of dots instead of spacing the dots the same distance apart?
  18. fde101

    MRU menu always blank

    This is in the General page of System Preferences on the Mac and should be applied equally to all Cocoa apps that let the framework take care of tracking this; if that preference was set to None than none of your Cocoa apps (native macOS applications) should be showing anything in the list.
  19. 1. Yes, it turns out that it does. If I then remove that guide, the ones form the master disappear again as well. 2. It did not have margins. I tried on a document with margins, and the guides from the master became visible whether the page had any of its own or not, so the issue seems to be isolated to pages with neither margins nor guides of their own.
  20. Yes, because it is listed in the layers pane. Master page: Normal page with master attached: Layers palette with normal page being displayed: Also, as I stated previously, even though the guides are not visible, they do work for snapping - I get the red/green lines and objects snap to them when I get close to the guides, so they are actually "there" but I can't see them unless I am snapping an object.
  21. Still seems to be the case with the new beta.
  22. I'm wondering if Designer and Photo will support multi-page documents in order to handle the round-trip with Publisher. Support for multi-page documents in Photo would be a rather unusual but not unwelcome feature for that kind of app.
  23. The metric world probably doesn't have much use for Picas/Points, so as more of the world turns to metric, the US may have become rather isolated in the continued use of this unit of measurement. As Serif is based in the UK (I think?), they may well be working with people who are quite experienced in the field, but who are all using metric and thus don't realize the continued importance of this measurement within the US.
  24. fde101

    Master Pages, Guides, Alignment, Right Click

    Try control+click. Somewhere under System Preferences there should be an option to cause a two-finger tap on the trackpad to simulate a right-click.

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