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  1. Betas downloaded from the forum will activate if you have the MAS versions of the released apps.
  2. I don't think the right alignment for the set of instructions is doing this any favors for readability. It might look pretty from a distance but from a practical standpoint, if I received something in that form I would most likely either discard it completely or rewrite it myself to make sure it wasn't slowing me down every time I went to check something while trying to use it.
  3. This is not really related to StudioLink, it is a function of how linked "embedded documents" work in the Affinity applications right now. Currently, embedded documents which are "linked" are actually still embedded, but the applications watch for changes to the external file and offer the ability to update the embedded copy when there are external changes. When you try to modify the "linked" document within the application, it updates the internal copy but not the original file. I believe the plan is to have these documents more correctly linked later on, similar to the way that linked images work, so that there won't be a separate copy of them embedded into the main document any longer. My guess is that this issue would be addressed as part of that effort... but I suppose we will find out when it happens.
  4. fde101

    Affinity Video Editor?

    Ah... ok, I missed that OpenShot has that capability. Maybe I need to take a closer look at that one (though personally I generally would just use Resolve in most cases)... if @dsac is in fact doing motion graphics work then I agree that it makes sense to get SVG working; if just taking artwork and putting it onto the timeline as a clip, then I would reduce the hassle and just use a raster format.
  5. fde101

    Affinity Video Editor?

    Why are you exporting SVG for use in a video editor? I would just use a raster image file instead. We aren't quite at the point where video is being exported in a vector format anyway
  6. Perhaps the controls should be disabled when an arrowhead is applied in order to make this a bit more clear to the user?
  7. Agreed - if the book feature is missing, it may be inconvenient for some workflows, but it does not prevent quality work from being accomplished. #1 + #2 are the biggest showstoppers for a project like this. #3 is a bit more open to debate but is not clearly necessary (though the work may very well benefit from it if available).
  8. Just to verify, is Publisher also at 1.7.1?
  9. @Bugbob, welcome to the forums! You might want to consider doing a search before posting new topics for obvious requests like this; this particular one has a number of them already, and Serif has already indicated they are working on producing a DAM application, though we don't have any specifics on it yet (features, timing, etc. - we'll find out when we find out).
  10. It looks like there may be some patents involved with the compression this format uses? https://github.com/lclevy/canon_cr3 https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1586395/1 Nevertheless, it looks like libraw intends to support CR3 sometime in the fall: https://community.skylum.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360048005532-v3-1-2-again-still-no-CR3-support-
  11. Agreed - I don't have much trouble navigating it because of that, but there is plenty of room for improvement (for Apple's System Preferences too - they should take a cue from the Control Panel they had back in the days of System 4 through System 6; it was much better overall - for those not familiar: https://www.versionmuseum.com/history-of/classic-mac-os). "Modern" macOS derives from NextStep, which used a somewhat similar design to the one from System 4-6 (the icons for the individual preference panes are horizontal as opposed to the vertical list of control panels used in System 4-6): http://toastytech.com/guis/openstep.html
  12. fde101

    open files are upside down.

    Considering that the numbers on the rulers are reversed in the screenshot this does appear to be related to canvas rotation.
  13. You can group the layers then rasterize the group?
  14. Just curious: how much value is there in a Japanese translation of the UI when there is no vertical text support?
  15. It looks like Metal support is divided into two basic GPU "families" by Apple right now: "family 1" offers less functionality than "family 2". From what little documentation I have been able to scrounge up, there are NO nVidia cards in "family 2": https://developer.apple.com/documentation/metal/mtlfeatureset/mtlfeatureset_macos_gpufamily2_v1?language=objc I don't know what specifically the Affinity apps need to provide metal compute acceleration, but clearly Apple has not been spending the time to make nVidia cards work with the full feature set of Metal.
  16. These are expected to be added eventually but it may be some time. These were presented as workarounds until the desired functionality is implemented. Note that this functionality is missing from *MOST* page layout software - even QuarkXPress for its high price tag can't do all of what you are asking for here, as came up on a previous discussion on this same topic on another thread some time back. The Affinity applications have a number of issues related to color handling. In my opinion Publisher still should not have been released because of some of those problems.
  17. That is definitely NOT a desirable behavior!
  18. Interesting... wouldn't it be better for the "Save history with file" setting to also be saved with the document?
  19. Yes, but they are both being stored on the same disk anyway... (Also, in the original Macintosh File System - which predates HFS - you actually could not; file names had to be unique across the entire disk; granted that was kind of an odd one out, and thankfully they did fix that when they introduced HFS...).
  20. Why have two different folders if they are going to store their files on the same physical drive? Organization. I would say that valid arguments could be made in either direction and personally I don't care if all document palettes within a document share a common namespace or each has its own, but if they are going to be shared thenI do think that limitation should be documented as it violates the principle of least surprise.
  21. I can't believe I am jumping into this discussion on this forum; as @MEB pointed out this really is NOT the place for this, but here goes... In the Spanish language, all nouns are either male or female - there are NO gender-neutral nouns. The rule is that when the gender is unknown or mixed (like a group of both men and women), the nouns always default to the male version of the noun. That is considered part of the usage of the language, and is not in any way a slight toward women - it is simply the way the language works. Gender neutrality is a practical impossibility in some languages. In the English language, we have a mixture of both gender-neutral and gender-specific nouns and pronouns. Historically it has generally been the case that we would often treat the gender-specific ones much as in Spanish - if there was a mixed group or unknown gender, we would default to the male noun or pronoun to refer to the group. Once in a while we might use the female pronoun to refer to someone of unknown gender, though this historically would have been more rare. For many of us, we still "default" to a gender when unknown. This is not an attempt to slight either gender, it is not sexist, it is simply a function of the way our language works - still works - as many of us still use the language in a more traditional way and are not concerned about the "political correctness" garbage that is bogging down the supposedly "modern" generation. If someone is overly sensitive to this, they need to grow up. Again, this is NOT the place for this discussion, so I will drop off the topic at this point, but this whole thing didn't even exist until @robinp turned it into something it otherwise would not have been; that this is somehow even a discussion is ridiculous and someone needed to say as much. Can a moderator split these posts into a separate thread so as to de-pollute this one and get it back on topic? I for one would rather not need to wade through all of this while trying to look at the much more useful feature request and related discussion, and I'm sure the developers would probably just as soon keep this on topic given that they were already having trouble plowing through the on-topic posts because of how much information they had accumulated...
  22. Be aware that the Affinity apps do not play nice with NAS or other remote storage. I wouldn't expect it to be an issue with linked image files and such but the actual Affinity documents should be kept local while working on them. Using NAS / DropBox / etc. to transfer files which are not actively open in the applications should be fine, but before someone tries to open them, they should make a local copy, then close that copy and copy it back to the remote storage later on. Serif has indicated this is something they are working to improve, but currently trying to work with documents directly which are on remote storage can lead to strange behaviors and even data loss or corruption. Why not?
  23. Currently, only bitmap fills are supported, not vector ones. Support for vector patterns has been requested in a number of other threads. You can set a bitmap fill on an object using the Fill tool, by setting the "Type" to "Bitmap" then navigating to an image file you want to use as the fill. Use the various controls that are presented to adjust to taste. Once you are happy with the fill, go to the Swatches panel, navigate to (or create) the palette you wish to have the swatch on, and click the "Add Current Fill to Palette" button. You can then use the generated swatches to apply the fill to other objects as needed. (Note: Document palettes are saved with the document and are only visible in that document, but will follow the document if it is opened on a different computer; Application palettes are saved to the computer and are available in all documents opened on that computer, but do not follow the document to other computers). Note that these fills can also be applied to the stroke of an object, they are not limited to the fill.
  24. Maybe the still-little-known-about-it future DAM product could generate a contact sheet from an album of Photos, as a Publisher document?
  25. Serif does not normally comment on feature requests and almost never discusses the timing of when new features will be released. The initial release of Publisher is focused primary on layout for print, due to development time constraints. It is already expected that support for other document formats such as ePub will be added later. Personally I would be surprised if DOCX export ever made it into Publisher, though I've been surprised before.

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