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  1. Haha
    albertkinng got a reaction from TariqMK in AI generative Fill in Affinity   
    This topic get lost in translation… now it’s an imitation of a Facebook group post.
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    albertkinng reacted to Studio97Visuals in AI generative Fill in Affinity   
    Its not done local, there is need a very big database with several models. For Generation you need strong and fast servers.
    Midjourney works with Discord where the Bot is working. 
    But we will see what the future will bring.
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    albertkinng reacted to CM0 in AI generative Fill in Affinity   
    I don't think anyone can make that statement with certainty anymore unless you conduct almost your entire business and social life offline. If you have a business and are advertising on just about any platform, AI is making decisions for you on ad placement. Just one example of behind the scenes use of AI.
    AI eventually will not be mentioned anymore at some point as a key feature. As it is just common place tech used in every service.
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    albertkinng reacted to CM0 in AI generative Fill in Affinity   
    The point is that it will become just as ubiquitous as the internet. It is already being embedded in OS, search, social media, all development tools etc. You might not use it explicitly, but you will use it indirectly without even knowing as it becomes the new base layer of all technology.
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    albertkinng reacted to CM0 in AI generative Fill in Affinity   
    I've also heard that Adobe plans on using their AI to compensate the original works as their AI can determine which pieces contributed to the generation.
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    albertkinng reacted to WMax70 in AI generative Fill in Affinity   
    I really feel sorry I started the question; I never meant to disparage Affinity. 
    I have worked with Affinity since the beginning and have found many workarounds for many features that were not initially implemented.
    I understand that Affinity is not as big as Adobe, and despite of that, Affinity created some awesome tools already.
    I also worked with tools like Midjourney and added AI layers or parts of it in my images within Affinity. 
    Yes it is working, but takes a lof or time which is now solved in Adobe. 
    Affinity should be aware that The better they are are, the more users they get, and consequently, the more questions and wished they receive.
    In my humble opinion, this only shows the real potential that Affinity has and the demand, or even desperation from many to keep the great alternative like Affinity alive.

    Regardless of what comes next, AI is not something to ignore. A clear directiomn has to be set.
    Not every program and edit needs AI, but I'm searching for increased competitive advantages where speed of editing is one of them based on my original image.
    Adobe now takes leadership and Affinity has to do some work here I guess. But like iphne today, not always the newest tehnology, but if they implement, it is more usefull, faster, better and more reliable than others.  

    And n, I do not have concerns about my images being uploaded to Adobe servers.
    If I had concerns, I would also have it when editing and syncing images with any cloud-based server for sharing.

    I'm on version 2 already and have added my Photoshop subscription.
    Thx Affinity for the great tool you made so far and the fast and effective editing I could do.
    Now looking forward to your upgrades. 😉
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    albertkinng got a reaction from dominik in AI generative Fill in Affinity   
    The increasing negativity towards Affinity on these forums is becoming worrisome. I'm unsure whether it stems from disappointment or frustration, but it's unfair for some users to constantly criticize Affinity, especially with the release of a new version that has impressive features. Is there something I'm overlooking? As far as I know, Affinity is still performing well on my devices.
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    albertkinng reacted to animositysomina in Can Vector brushes be vector brushes?   
    There is no doubt that one can achieve a lot with Affinity. And there is no doubt that the Affinity Suite, especially AD is fantastic and a great value compared to the one-time payment price.
    But still, it can be made even better. And the thing with the not true vector brushes, they could have communicated this little thing more clearly. It's just, if someone buys AD and it states that it's a Vector based program, you assmue that you also have vector based brushes. At least that's what I tought when I bought AD and all the "vector" brushes for this programm.
    I really hope, that the devs will make a clear statement on this topic, whether or not we can ever expect real vector brushes. And if they say no, then at least this issue is settled and we can all move on.
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    albertkinng reacted to Andy05 in Can Vector brushes be vector brushes?   
    As much as I love the Affinity Suite apps, a 5+ years old CorelDRAW still way ahead in terms of vector design. I still have my licensed version of CorelDRAW SE on my system, got it really cheap at eBay back then. I can only recommend, that everyone who's truly into vector works, might try to get a license of that app without subscription. It will cover all your needs, which Designer lacks.
    Do the main work in Designer, switch to CorelDRAW for specific tasks and either copypaste or export/import latter app's work into designer...
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    albertkinng got a reaction from Andy05 in Can Vector brushes be vector brushes?   
    No. I ended up here after realizing there’s not a single video for real vector results. All of them ended up in raster format. I need to multiply vectors as vectors. I can create brushes already the way everyone does. 
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    albertkinng reacted to firstdefence in Can Vector brushes be vector brushes?   
    You could create a vector and convert it to a symbol so you can change all instances of that vector, else you can create a vector and use power duplicate to create multiple versions. You can also use the transform panel as part of the power duplicate to transform the vector.
    By example I recently made a short video on how to make a spiral in affinity.

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    albertkinng reacted to Boldlinedesign in Can Vector brushes be vector brushes?   
    I tried to use affinity as a replacement for illustrator when they went to SaaS and really wanted it to be the answer. Tools I've come to rely on and find standard were not and some are still not available. For the type of work I do designing t-shirts, features like text warp, flood fill, Boolean operations that can destructively merge down a final design for export, etc are what I'm used to having for my work to flow smoothly in illustrator. Yes I could warp text in photo by hand and trace back into designer, but why? There are other programs that can handle that. it's true that super old versions of the adobe apps and others lacked many functions, they were also not known or available in other programs at that time. Affinity today had the advantage to see all the great innovative progress made over the treats past and create their own version of said tools quickly.  
    It was good to see the 2.0 get released and the 2.1 updates are solid. Those who only need the smaller number of tools affinity designer offers are lucky in that they want for nothing. Those who rely on vector brushes, better Boolean operations, etc, advices like Vectorstyler fill the gap and man I'm not held hostage to adobe while waiting on affinity
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    albertkinng got a reaction from Paul Mc in Can Vector brushes be vector brushes?   
    It's disheartening how some people here no longer find Affinity sufficient. The accumulation of "facts" since the 1980s seems somewhat unjust towards a company that doesn't owe us anything. While we may dream of certain features, their absence doesn't mean the software is outdated or inadequate. I wish you could have experienced the growth of these design apps as I did. I used Freehand 8 and Photoshop 5.5, and I can assure you that Affinity VERSION 2 is significantly more advanced and powerful than those older versions when they were at version 8 and version 5.5. As users, we shouldn't judge based solely on our desires but rather on how well the app currently functions. By doing so, we can contribute to its future improvement..
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    albertkinng got a reaction from Old Bruce in Can Vector brushes be vector brushes?   
    It’s ok, it’s only an opinion and personal preference. I won’t change Affinity Suite to any other app right now. My business run smoothly with these apps and are excellent with collaborative needs as sharing network fonts and assets libraries for my team. We use Eagle app, Cloudmount and Rightfont to work and has been excellent so far. UI/UX recently are being worked with Penpot app and that department is getting stronger.
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    albertkinng reacted to firstdefence in Can Vector brushes be vector brushes?   
    Agree, the feature list is impressive and I do use Vectorstyler (VS) for vector production when Affinity lacks the ability but the VS GUI needs a lot of work, it all seems very cluttered and the icons are very samey which is probably one of the reasons why it seems cluttered.
    Not sure if this is true, could be the stuff of legends, but this is a single individuals work, which, if so, is very impressive.
  16. Haha
    albertkinng got a reaction from walt.farrell in Can Vector brushes be vector brushes?   
    You’re always so painfully honest. I’ll like a little bit of hope on this forum! 🤣
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    albertkinng reacted to v_kyr in Can Vector brushes be vector brushes?   
    Affinity's so called vector brushes aren't real vector based brushes, as you already know in the meantime.
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    albertkinng reacted to Dan C in Studio Preset is not working as it should. Version 2.1.0 (Solved: Cause DisplayMaid)   
    You're welcome, thanks for confirming
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    albertkinng got a reaction from Dan C in Studio Preset is not working as it should. Version 2.1.0 (Solved: Cause DisplayMaid)   
    You nailed it! Everything works perfectly when I disable DisplayMaid! Thanks!You
  20. Thanks
    albertkinng reacted to Dan C in Studio Preset is not working as it should. Version 2.1.0 (Solved: Cause DisplayMaid)   
    Hi @albertkinng,
    I too am unable to replicate this issue currently - in addition to the suggestion from Mike above, can you please confirm if this issue continues once DisplayMaid has been closed? It may be that both apps are interacting with each other incorrectly, as I can see the layout being shown when reopened is the one set by DisplayMaid and not the preset within the Affinity app.
    Many thanks in advance
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    albertkinng got a reaction from walt.farrell in Affinity Designer V2 Crash when using Export Persona   
    No problem. All is good. 
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    albertkinng reacted to walt.farrell in Affinity Designer V2 Crash when using Export Persona   
    Thanks, @R C-R. 
    And sorry for misinterpreting your comment, @albertkinng.
  23. Haha
    albertkinng reacted to R C-R in Affinity Designer V2 Crash when using Export Persona   
    I think Walt was interpreted your "can't wait' comment literally instead of its figurative "eager" meaning, like mentioned at https://www.dictionary.com/browse/can-t-wait
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    albertkinng reacted to Cealcrest in Affinity Designer V2 Crash when using Export Persona   
    This has been happening to both my V1 and V2 Designer for months. I'm not using any kind of file sync when saving/exporting. My files are all saved locally to my laptop.
    If I don't save immediately prior to export, then it does not hang. So my workaround is to save, then select an object and adjust it by one pixel in any direction and then back, and only then proceed to export persona. This prevents the hang every time.
    I share that in case it's relevant and so others can use it until a fix is issued.
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    albertkinng got a reaction from ronnyb in Moving files from iPad to Mac not working.   
    Using Universal Control on macOS Ventura, you can utilize your iPad as an external monitor and operate it with your mouse and keyboard. You can easily transfer files by dragging pictures from your iPad's Photos app to your Mac's desktop. However, this feature does not seem to work with Affinity Apps, as attempts to drag and drop files were unsuccessful. Specifically, the following actions were attempted and did not succeed: 
    1. Dragging an Affinity document from the iPad app to the Mac
    2. Copying content in the iPad app and pasting it in the Mac app
    3. Saving files from the iPad to the Mac.
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