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  1. Do you think if I try to eliminate the gradient of that logo I will be able to have it in all curves?
  2. Here's the file, if anyone can find a solution it will be great. Download file here: https://d.pr/f/BiiEea
  3. I need to export a logo made in Designer in PDF (to change the extension to .ai), so the print shop can have the Adobe document to cut the sticker design accordingly. The think is that some parts are converted into images, and it needs to be curved as the designer document. How can I set the export to PDF, so the document keeps the curves as intended? Thanks in advance. So, I guess my question is... How can I export a PDF with all curves intact and nothing converted in images?
  4. That's a number one rule for Beta testing. I like to bring the scenario to real-life situations, so the struggle of the issue can be also part of the problem found. None of my works are done in the Beta versions, but I do like to recreate them in Beta to see what will happens. Like this example. The only way to save the work was uninstalling and re-installing the app. All my originals are saved in the stable version. To be honest, if I try the beta just for trying I will never encounter any real issue, that's why I recreate a real project. Hope I can explain myself well with this comment. English is hard.
  5. I have a client that would like to see designs on pictures, and I was wondering if I can create a document that I can just add pictures, and it will automatically add them to the mockup. I watched a YouTube video about a guy using Affinity Photo V1 showing how to open a Photoshop Mockup file with Affinity Software and I wanted to know if that can be done from scratch as well.
  6. That is why I said "My Mistake Obviously". I realized that before your reply. What you thought I was referring to?
  7. As always, we ended up mixing topics and the main issue got lost in translation. 1. My post was referring to opening a file that was created by the Beta, and not being able to open it with the same version. 2. My off-topic opinion was related to the fact that the beta app version only allowed the beta-made document to be opened, leaving me with a useless document. In my logic and based on yours too, higher numbers leave lower numbers obsolete. However, if I apply that logic literally (that was my mistake, obviously) a stable version is an Alpha and even if the Beta is 12.1 it still is lower than Alpha 1.0, so it must be at least 12.1. So, for some reason I was expecting the stable version to always open the beta documents. I thought you were talking about my real problem and not about my off-topic opinion. That was why we tangled here about being able and not able to do a thing. Thanks for the explanation.
  8. English is not my main language but "should be able to" is not the same as "shouldn't be able to" It clearly says 2.1.0 should be able to read the 2.1.1 beta. Now you got me confused, mate.
  9. Exactly. That's not happening. What I said in my original post that reads wrong? Help me with the wording, so I can be more accurate about this issue.
  10. @Pauls Any updates on opening beta files on stable version? This rule of blocking is good for stable versions but in Beta it is kind of unhelpful.
  11. Thanks! I guess your post was helpful if I found it first, but I deleted the app and re-installed it. That fix the whole problem. My guess they need to work with the update engine, it messed up the app after. Remember, not all users are going to be happy if they need to work around the terminal or library to fix things, so they will not use Inkscape on Linux.
  12. I created a document using the Beta version, quit the app and when I double-clicked the document it crashed. I tried to start the app after that and it's impossible. Now I can't even open the doc in the stable version. (That needs to be fixed for issues like this one, I think if we're using a beta we still can open the doc in the stable version as well or the doc will be lost forever!) Here's a video and a copy of the report. Albertkinng Screenshot - 03-03-2023.mp4 report.txt
  13. Happens to me too. I can live with this limitation but if they can fix that, it will be great for illustrators like us!
  14. Well, I have already solved the issue of copying the contents and pasting them on a new document of Designer (not the beta) so, I don't have the original documents anymore. I will point out that I never use link graphics on Designer (personal preference) and in this case in particular the beaver cartoon (made in designer iPad app) was saved to iCloud as a designer file and opened in Designer Beta as a default document.Do you think it was considered a link?
  15. It didn't work either. You can watch in the original uploaded video (min 1:50) I tried saving as a new file naming it "test" and it won't let me. Here's a screenshot of the privacy settings showing the app as well.
  16. @MikeTO Yes. It has access to the desktop. I’ve been using it with no issues before. I created the character with the Beta iPad app, saved it in iCloud and went to the desktop and extracted it. I open the file with Beta desktop app and add the text, warp it and finished design. When I hit save the error came up. I try again and because the issue repeats, I recorded the video screen to shared. I ended up copying the artwork and paste it on the stable version app. Maybe is a bug importing documents made on iPad app?
  17. I ended up creating a logo from scratch, and it won't let me save the file! (I just copy and paste it to the stable version and it works fine) Albertkinng Screenshot - 03-01-2023.mp4
  18. Yes, all my work is on external drives. I have used a project manager network app to access my document files for a long time now. Never had a problem until now. Main drives are on an external dock and others are on a shared cloud such as Google Drive, Dropbox and so on. (I'm running a Mac Mini M1 / 16g RAM with latest Ventura OS)
  19. I downloaded Inkscape and I don't get the results you have there, even with a simple image. If you have time, please throw some tips here to achieve that amazing result you were able to get.
  20. I was able to install Potrace to see what you mean, however I can't find that app after installation. Maybe it works just with terminal? Let me know how this Potrace works, so I can be sure I didn't miss anything.
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