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  1. I wonder if Affinity is working on a standalone app that works exactly as Designer with Studio Link. I don't mean to add Studio Link to all apps, that would be awesome too, but I mean just one app The Affinity Studio App All the apps in one. Making Studio a shell for all three. That would be amazing for costumers that want all three apps at once.
  2. It's technically not a feature. It's another way (easier way) to work with paths like subtract and add but combined. A feature would be selecting a symbol and creating a virtual grid to be editable. So, Affinity could just make a way to edit a path more dynamic and it would be a Shape Builder tool. Like Vectornator, a free vector tool tha let you trace a raster image and vectorize it in layers within the same app. There are many different ways to manipulate a vector path because is not an image in reality. I am confident that Affinity Suite Version 2 would be a nightmare for Adobe in many ways and I mean in ways they will need to copy Affinity and follow their new way of handling graphics and photography.
  3. Just adding a fact to help confused readers. Competition is not illegal in any form if the way of handling the conversion is not even alike to the original programming code. Example of successful attempts are Pixelmator, Acorn, and so on. Those alternatives let you save a PSD with editable text and open Illustrator files as well. If Photopea is using reverse engineering, it will be punished with all weight of the law any time soon.
  4. @walt.farrell Thanks for your reply. I will be making a list of real life situations that our job as Graphic Designer will encounter if we want to keep using Affinity Apps as our main apps. The more projects I get the more challenging it get for Affinity apps. Thanks God for Photopea website. It’s becoming the link between me and my clients.
  5. I received a file from a client and Designer wasn't able to open it. I went to Photopea website and upload the file and it was opened easily, I was able to export it in editable PDF and also in Photoshop format and after that I was able to work with it using Designer. Anyone knows another way to open Illustrator files without all this steps? I can't stand the idea that a free online Photoshop copycat editor is more powerful than one Affinity App.
  6. It's May 2nd, dude. This topic ended without a solution on April 22 of 2022. Give it a rest.
  7. 1. From the start of this topic, my need to convert the Publisher pages into Artboards was and still is my main concern. It is the root of this conversation and the problem I want to solve. 2. The Export Persona selections was part of my explanation on how I do my work and showcase one of the steps of my process. It was never part of my initial question and it was brought up just because of all the unimportant questions you asked to understand my need based on what I do regardless of many other case scenarios that may be solve with a conversion I realized is needed. For any workflow. The one that never understand even with a video is you. Not me. I NEED TO BE ABLE TO CONVERT A DOCUMENT OF PUBLISHER INTO MULTIPLE ARTBOARDS. But even with this sentence all in capitals and bold, I know you will still won’t understand because you just need to complicate the whole picture.
  8. I take of my valuable time to create a video to show you a more or less scenario of what I’m dealing so you can understand better with a visual representation. It seems you just want to argue and talk about the minimal inconsistencies instead of focusing on the need and how to solve it. I just did a basic representation of my issue, I will never work on the whole project and select all the items like it was a real job because you are intelligent enough to understand that all pages receive the same treatment. At the end, all artboards need to be available, so all selections (on each artboard) can be selected to be export. Enough with this non-sense of you just nip picking every little thing just to avoid the reality that can’t be done. I produced a video that show how easy will be with that option, I can name it document, file, format or whatever I come up with and that doesn’t change the fact that it can’t be done.
  9. Yeah, I guess you’re right. I still think that an export option to Designer doc that convert the pages on artboards still the best option. Having all apps in one is a genius idea! I always tell people that point out features missing or task they can’t do that don’t forget we are using a version 1 here! This is amazing! I can’t wait for what’s coming next! They surpassed Adobe in 89% of his designer apps already imagine what could happen in version 2!
  10. Great Alternative! The only thing is some content for some reason ended up bad, like a curve item ended up like a mask on pixel and some texts break apart in letters. I've tried on all PDF export options and always something is messed up, but hey! You are right, it's a great alternative to save me time. Thanks!
  11. Wrong. I do need Artboards so I can export all of them in one click. If I do what you suggested (by the way I already tried that) It wont let me have all pages in artboards. It seems for you is fine doing a one by one instead of all at once. Again, I don't expect to understand my need but certainly I would appreciate if you get the need at least.
  12. Exactly, each page need changes in the same areas. I know you understand, It's not possible you can't understand watching a video with a step-by-step process recorded. If you don't get it, I'm done explaining.
  13. Just focus on the second one. That video showcase what I need. Solution_Video.mp4
  14. Ok guys. I hope this video gives you a better perspective of the whole deal: Video One: The Problem Video Video two: The Solution The Problem Video.mp4 Solution_Video.mp4
  15. I think you are joking or being funny now, but I will said it again. I make the selections in Export Persona just once. Then in the same document with the selections already made I paste new pages from other magazines and so on. Please tell me you understand now.
  16. Please read again. I make the selections in Export Persona just once and use that document as a template later on. It seems you are not familiar with the way you can make selections and paste new content keeping the selections intact. The Export Selections stay there once they have been created for the document.
  17. With your suggestion I need to work page by page in Publisher. When I create all artboards I can export everything in one click. All artboards at once. It will be a nightmare one Page at a time.
  18. I said that once I do it manually I can use it as a template and paste other contents in the artboards with the saved Export Persona selections and keep delivering the different formats that way. Let me explain one more time: 1. Open the Publisher document. 2. Make the changes on all 24 pages 3. Because I can’t convert those pages in artboards because IT’S NOT POSSIBLE. I create a Designer document with 24 artboards same size as pages. 4. I copy the Pages of Publisher and paste them on the artboards to work with. 5. The content of some pages (not all of them) need to be exported in PNG, SVG, EPS etc… so I go to Export Persona and make the selections individually. 6. All selections will be exported in bulk to the client and also the magazine in Publisher document. 7. I open another Publisher document and copy all pages manually and paste them in the Designer document I already made keeping the Export Persona selections and export the items again The tedious part of selecting and defining the areas for Export Persona It’s done once. Why I wish for a ‘SAVE AS IN DESIGNER” ?? Because all documents are not the same, some magazine has different sizes as booklets and I need to do all the steps in Designer again. With a ‘SAVE AS DESIGNER DOC’ I wont need to create the artboards manually, use the guides to divide the artboards, and so on.. it will be just open the document and make selections to export in Export Persona. if this time you don’t understand, don’t worry. It’s ok. There’s no other way to explain it.
  19. I already explained the process. You can't find a solution because it's not your everyday project and never find yourself with the same need. The files are already made in Publisher, I work with them, and then I deliver parts of the documents in different formats. Again, I already know how to do this, I've been doing this for a long time. I know it can't be done, that's why I was wondering if an option to save in a different app file would be available!! I already heard you saying 100 times, "you don't need to save the file in a different doc because all apps file formats are the same." I already heard you saying "yes you can do artboards in Publisher" Stop repeating the same instructions over and over. Go build a 20 pages magazine in Publisher, use the tools for columns and formatting and picture placeholders, SVG files and masked pictures and try to turn the magazine into Artboards later... IT CAN'T BE DONE. So, save your ideas because the only way to have a great day is creating the Magazine in Designer inside Publisher, so you can have the artboards and then build the magazine with pages, or the 1500 ways you come up to do it better than me, but that is not the scenario here, and your solutions can't be applied. This is the wrong thread to keep talking about this, and we're still swimming in circles. Why this thread is still open? Seriously, I thought you said this wasn't the thread. Right?
  20. My friend, the files have the same layout, the only thing that change is the content. In my case, I work directly with the ads on the sponsors pages and… I don’t even know why I need to explain these details to solve the problem? You can’t do it on Publisher. That’s the point.
  21. Almost identical as the way I do it now. That’s why I was asking for an easy way or a feature!
  22. As @R C-R mentioned, this is not the correct thread to talk about this. Why keep going with this?
  23. No, you got everything wrong. I will do that manually just one time if somehow I can convert multiple pages in Apub docs to artboards. I do manually many times, one by one right now. That's the issue.
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