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  1. So can I use them on different documents or not? And any explanation on why the styles don't stay put?
  2. If I designed an artwork like a Club Event Title with styles and effects and warping (like a lot of stuff on it) and made it a symbol. 1. Why do some Styles applied to don't keep their attributes? 2. Can I use them on other projects as importing symbols? Or copy and paste them into other projects? AKCS-Screenshot - 02-19-2023.mp4
  3. @walt.farrell Oh, 68 palettes and add it with the import palette option on the swatches window. Why? You think that may be the problem? Is there a limit?
  4. When I get this I just quit the app and re-launch it and my life goes on, but I was wondering if you guys are having this issue too. The only thing I did recently was add a bunch of gradients (V1) from an old archive. Does that have something to do with this issue?
  5. The fact that you can use the warp feature on words with styles applied is a super productive and creative enhancement to our workflow! I love it!
  6. For some reason, and I'm maybe speaking too soon... This is not happening when using the beta apps.
  7. One thing is saying and other is trying. I didn’t thought it was going to be that hard! SMH
  8. Indeed. I was playing around with Inkscape and I need to point out is not that easy to use. First time I feel lost on a Vector App. Very confusing.
  9. Yes! You’re right. Macromedia boosted Freehand and other apps including Flash. It wasn’t as powerful as this beta but you’re right. Flash has something similar.
  10. You know Adobe bought Freehand, right? So… Illustrator didn’t innovate as you think.
  11. Did you see something like that in the past? I mean... I can't recall if this has been done before. My vector design tool of choice was Aldus Freehand 8 back in the old days, and it was revolutionary with the knife tool and perspective features. I think this is the first time I have seen something like this. Am I wrong?
  12. You were very brave trying to do that with live text! I don’t even think that’s possible. The way I always do it is converting the text in curves first then make the cuts and colors. It would be amazing if you can do that with editable text!
  13. Impressed. Works perfect! The fact that create the fills as standalone vector parts is insanely good.
  14. Here are powerful online alternatives: (FREE OF CHARGE) https://svgco.de/ https://svgstorm.com/app https://www.visioncortex.org/vtracer/
  15. I was recommending an affordable option capable of doing tracing in a very usable and productive way. 300 dollars for one trick pony is unacceptable and asking $10 monthly is why I ended up here buying Affinity instead of Adobe. Regarding the accuracy of the vector result, I was honest when I said "The manual editing after export is minimal." Acknowledging that you in fact will need to work around the result. Thanks for pointing out Vectorize! App (by the same developer of Logoist) I didn't recommend it for a reason. When using Logoist you get better results than with Vectorize! Why? I really can't answer that one, I just can tell you the results aren't that good. Remember this is a forum for resources, so if you find something you think the community should know, share it here; if it's not for you then life goes on. I thought it was good to share for the great quality and the price. Have a good one, mate.
  16. I bought all the most usable vectorizers for Mac out there, so you don't need to and in my experience (working with complex raster pictures to vectorize) I can positively tell you with confidence that the more powerful yet to achieve that goal is one app not many people take seriously. The app is called Logoist, and it's the most versatile and powerful vectorize tool in the market for Mac. Be confident that Logoist will be powerful enough to get you the best SVG output. The manual editing after export is minimal.
  17. Exactly. I give up trying to explain here. Artboards are needed as a default feature on all apps.
  18. Download Vectornator App (is a free app) see if the same vector make the app crash too. Is that happen then your vector is the problem. First you need to solve that problem with some tools already included in Affinity Designer. Let me know how it goes and I will help you with your Vector.
  19. In short answer it can't be done as easy as one click. The good news is that you can use the new tools of Version 2 to achieve this effect. like in the video: drop-move_final.mp4
  20. I upgraded my monitors to a curved ultra-wide one so no I can't tell if that will still happen or not. I don't have any issues with this large monitor now. Thanks for asking.
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