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  1. 1 hour ago, Designer1 said:

    The biggest problem in Affinity Designer is the poor export quality of PNG

    It seems like you may be seeking attention and unfortunately, we may not be able to assist with your issue regarding resolution with Affinity Designer and raster picture exports. You could try creating your artwork in Designer and then selecting 'edit in Photo' from the menu bar to increase the resolution @2 and adjust the black levels to 100% before exporting the file. If this doesn't work, you may want to continue using Corel Draw or consider Adobe, which currently has a deal available. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to use the app that best fits your needs. As someone who has worked remotely for three agencies using non-Adobe apps, I can attest that it's possible to be successful without Adobe.

  2. 3 hours ago, Designer1 said:

    but I would really like to have the function Create 3D objects.

    As a commercial graphic designer, having certain features is essential. However, Adobe Photoshop suffered from the "Swiss army knife" syndrome, which caused a lot of damage. Illustrator is also headed down that path with features like 3D and basic animation. Fortunately, Affinity takes a different approach by focusing on keeping their apps performing at their best, rather than trying to please everyone. Currently, I am using the beta apps, and there are many upcoming features that will greatly enhance productivity. I recommend trying Art Text for any special needs, as I have been using it for years and find it wonderful. It also works seamlessly with Affinity. Have a great day!

  3. 7 hours ago, ,,, said:

    most of them have a very thin black stroke

    Well that stroke is the one they use to lead the cutter. (If you’re talking about the one by itself.) Can I just add a millimeter? If you’re referring to strokes on figures, then yes, I need to get rid of all of them.

    7 hours ago, ,,, said:

    there are three small raster images

    Where? Please let me know those about those images. It supposed to be all curves. Maybe that’s what’s going on!

  4. I need to export a logo made in Designer in PDF (to change the extension to .ai), so the print shop can have the Adobe document to cut the sticker design accordingly. The think is that some parts are converted into images, and it needs to be curved as the designer document. How can I set the export to PDF, so the document keeps the curves as intended? Thanks in advance.

    So, I guess my question is... How can I export a PDF with all curves intact and nothing converted in images?

  5. 57 minutes ago, debraspicher said:

    That said, never use beta for production-level work.

    That's a number one rule for Beta testing. I like to bring the scenario to real-life situations, so the struggle of the issue can be also part of the problem found. None of my works are done in the Beta versions, but I do like to recreate them in Beta to see what will happens. Like this example. The only way to save the work was uninstalling and re-installing the app. All my originals are saved in the stable version. To be honest, if I try the beta just for trying I will never encounter any real issue, that's why I recreate a real project. Hope I can explain myself well with this comment. English is hard.

    Albertkinng Screenshot - 03-04-2023.png

  6. 9 minutes ago, walt.farrell said:

    Basically, that second number, after the first "." in the release number, changes when the file formats are different enough that they are no longer backward compatible (that is, the older release can no longer read the newer release's files).

    As always, we ended up mixing topics and the main issue got lost in translation. 

    1. My post was referring to opening a file that was created by the Beta, and not being able to open it with the same version. 

    2. My off-topic opinion was related to the fact that the beta app version only allowed the beta-made document to be opened, leaving me with a useless document.

    In my logic and based on yours too, higher numbers leave lower numbers obsolete. However, if I apply that logic literally (that was my mistake, obviously) a stable version is an Alpha and even if the Beta is 12.1 it still is lower than Alpha 1.0, so it must be at least 12.1. So, for some reason I was expecting the stable version to always open the beta documents.

    I thought you were talking about my real problem and not about my off-topic opinion. That was why we tangled here about being able and not able to do a thing.

    Thanks for the explanation.

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