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  1. 9 hours ago, Sulaiman_ said:

    I did, still the same, keep crashing

    Hey there, my friend! I can suggest a course of action, but just a heads-up, you'll be the one in charge of your device, not me. If you're at your wits' end, a factory reset of your iPad could be the solution to your issue. Make sure you've got your iCloud backup all squared away and your Apple ID handy before you dive in. If everything's ready, navigate to Settings > General > Reset, and start fresh with your iPad. Pop in all your details, let the factory updates run their course, then download and install only the Affinity App from the App Store. If it runs smoothly, great! But if it crashes again, it's likely a hardware issue, and your next stop should be the nearest Apple Store..

  2. 41 minutes ago, Boldlinedesign said:

    I would just implore you to share what you would like to see improved specifically about the VS UI/UX  on the VS forum

    Are you the creator of the software? Your perspective appears quite personal for just a regular user. Clearly, this isn't the place to exchange ideas for enhancements or speculate on what's next for VectorStyler—this is a space dedicated to Affinity. Our focus here is on anticipating developments within Affinity, not on what other software might offer. We turn to VectorStyler merely as an alternative option, not because it surpasses Affinity. Whether you're the developer or an avid supporter of VectorStyler, that's fine, but please recognize the context of this platform before initiating in-depth discussions about an external application.

  3. Make sure to create a fresh file each time to prevent any potential issues. Many times, the files themselves can be the culprit. Let me share an example: I was using a photo editing application to enlarge an image. Without thinking, I made a duplicate of that file and unknowingly began using it for a completely different design. Soon enough, the app began to malfunction, constantly crashing and displaying glitches. It was only then that I realized that the app was struggling to keep up with the previous canvas enlargement. In a stroke of intuition, I promptly deleted the troublesome file and started afresh. Like magic, everything returned to normal and the app was once again functioning flawlessly.

  4. 1 minute ago, Boldlinedesign said:

    On a sidenote, I also use cleanshot but have never heard of Shttr.

    Apologies for the confusion; the correct spelling is Shottr. If you'd like to see it in action, the link is functional and the app itself is truly exceptional. Additionally, I did provide you with some examples of noteworthy UI/UX design, such as VectorStyler and Inkscape. I personally find VectorStyler to be a valuable tool that I use on a daily basis as a companion to my main design app. It offers unique features that are not available in Designer. Perhaps my use of the term "awful" was not the best choice of words in this context, as I understand that it may work well for you. I apologize for any confusion caused by my comment. I was solely referring to my own preference regarding the UI/UX of the app. That's all. Shall we call a truce?

  5. 10 minutes ago, Boldlinedesign said:

    There are always things that can be improved. What about the VS UI/UX makes it "horrendous" in comparison to Designer?

    If you don’t consider it awful, I won't contend with your perspective. I'm okay with your preference. Personally, as a designer, I prefer tools that are as pleasing to look at as they are useful for my creative work. Applications such as Inkscape and VectorStyler that share a certain design ethos don’t quite resonate with my style. But if they work for you, that's great. 

    for example, I prefer CleanShotX over Shttr. Both do the same, maybe one is less powerful than the other, however I will pay extra just for the UI/UX design effort into the app. CleanShotX is undeniably beautiful.

  6. On 10/23/2023 at 5:30 PM, R C-R said:

    I don't think Adobe does for PS so why would you expect AP to be any different?

    Besides DAM, Photoshop has been widely used for design since the 1990s. During my time as Art Director for a renowned magazine, I was able to accomplish everything using Photoshop and Aldus Pagemaker. I had high hopes that Affinity Photo would provide a similar experience to what I was accustomed to with Photoshop 5. That was the expectation!

  7. 1 minute ago, loukash said:

    you should start with Designer

    Since 1992, I have been making a living through graphic design. Initially, I relied on Adobe Photoshop and Aldus Freehand for my design work. When Adobe CS was introduced, I continued using it until CS6. However, in 2014, the arrival of Adobe CC disrupted my business significantly. That's when I made a bold decision to switch to Affinity Designer, Acorn, and iStudio Publisher, despite the challenges I faced initially. Surprisingly, Affinity Designer proved to be a versatile tool that allowed me to accomplish nearly everything I could previously do with Adobe CS6. Now, with the Affinity Suite, I feel just as content as I did back in the days of using Adobe CS6. My clients are delighted, and I can easily keep up with their demands thanks to these extraordinary tools. Most of my projects no longer require Adobe software. Life is truly good. It is worth mentioning that I used to consider and use Affinity Photo as an alternative to Photoshop for designing purposes. However, through a valuable clarification from @walt.farrell I learned that Affinity Photo is more suitable as a complementary tool rather than a comprehensive raster design solution like Photoshop. That's all. Since day one, I have been using Affinity Photo as a Photoshop alternative, and I will likely continue to do so. It's simply that I now have a better understanding of its intended purpose.


  8. 2 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

    No, it is primarily a photo editor, and RAW Developer for single files, with some art capabilities.

    I must admit, I am rather perplexed by your description. It appears that Photo is in a somewhat precarious position, as it does not quite fit into the realm of Digital Asset Management nor does it align perfectly with Design. It seems to exist in a state of incompleteness, but nevertheless proves to be a remarkable asset when utilized in conjunction with other Affinity Apps. It seems as though you are suggesting that while Photo may have its merits, it may not be the ideal choice for designers with more serious intentions. In essence, Photo finds itself floating in a gray area, serving as a versatile tool for various needs. I hope I have grasped your sentiments accurately now.

  9. 34 minutes ago, Marekius said:

    Photoshop also has photo in it's name, yet it is the most common tool for graphic designers, not only photographers. Heck, I was even doing complex animations in it. IF Affinity Photo would be intended for photo only, they would never include any compatibility with Photoshop's smart objects. Smart objects are mostly used in graphic design, e.g. mockups.

    I am as shocked as you, my friend.

  10. 19 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

    Photo does not really need them

    So, according to your explanation, it seems that Photo is not actually a replacement for Photoshop, but rather an alternative to Lightroom. Initially, I had believed that Photo was a substitute for Photoshop. Ever since Photoshop 5, I have been using it to create promotional and advertisement designs that are filled with creativity and innovative design elements. Yes, it does allow me to make adjustments to images, but I primarily used it for design purposes after discovering its capabilities. It's good to have this clarification now, as it helps me set appropriate expectations for what Photo can offer.

  11. 1 hour ago, R C-R said:

    It seems to me this could very quickly result in some mammoth file sizes

    To be honest, some clients follow a consistent ordering process for flyers and social media posts. I would be content if I could have 10 flyers combined into a single document for printing using Photo. I've even edited billboard advertising artwork of unbelievable sizes. Photo is an excellent app that can handle any project, even if it's just for two artboards. It would be wonderful to have.

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