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  1. Hi, I'm running Affinity Designer 1.4.1. I have a file I am working on that started as a Photoshop CC2015 psd file. I opened it in Designer and all of the layers etc. carried over. I have a text block that came over as frame text, and when I try to edit it, I can change the font, I can change the font size, the weight etc. but when I try to change the leading, nothing happens. In the original file the leading was set to 24pt. I can change the value in the drop down for leading, but nothing happens to the type itself. It only seems to happen with the type block I brought in from Photoshop though. If I create a new text frame in Designer and add text to it, I can change the leading with no problem. I just wanted to let you know in case this is a bug. I am new to Designer, so it could be user error, but I don't think it is. Thanks, Brian