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  1. Mainly a bit of fun - I recorded a timelapse-with-hints process video making this image. It isn't exhaustive but it gives a structure. http://saamvisual.com/process/2020/1/15/vector-process-folding-scissors Any feedback very much welcome.
  2. Mainly a bit of fun - I recorded a timelapse-with-hints process video making this image. It isn't exhaustive but it gives a structure. http://saamvisual.com/process/2020/1/15/vector-process-folding-scissors Any feedback very much welcome.
  3. Hello and thanks for reading this. Here is an infographic I have been working on. The gradient on this file renders like this (see red circle) when I export it as a pdf. Also see the bottom red area - not a gradient but something is up. But here is what it looks like while I am working on it on the Mac and iPad. This is how it renders as an image. Any thoughts? Jason lost box FINAL.pdf
  4. No doubt others have weighed in on this topic but once I get into a bigger piece of work, being organised is absolutely essential - especially when it comes to making those tweaks and adjustments. At the moment my best method is to be very careful about grouping sections of work wherever possible and naming them - this is a lot easier on the Mac than on the iPad. I am just wondering whether there has been much thinking done on how to do this most effectively? Occasionally on my latest piece of work - in spite of being pretty careful about how I do things - I got lost a few times trying to track down things I can see in front of me. Any thoughts or helpful comments?
  5. Further details are documented here. Blessings to you all - and thank you Affinity for a lovely piece of software.
  6. Hello all. In theory this should also be published to the iPad forum but hey ho. So I have created a set of spreads for a book I am working on in publisher and have saved the file to iCloud. I am now opening this in iPad Designer and going through the various spreads and drawing in pixel/vector and saving back to iCloud. I then open it into Publisher on my Mac and boom. Thats it. Am I missing something? Is this a correct reading of the situation? Does anyone else do this, and before I commit to lots of work on this illustration project - am I doing it right? Thanks in advance Jason
  7. This is a process post for a mural that was put up in my school at the start of this week. I have been working on it since January - the last stage involved AD as I converted the original design into vectors, which ended up printing way better than the previous bitmap version: http://saamvisual.com/process/2018/8/23/the-big-picture I have briefly mentioned this already in a prior blog post about my learning curve in AD here: I understand that the illustration material (an overview of the Bible storyline) might be controversial to some so please bear with me. I have posted it here because it shows how superior the use of vectors was in the end for an important piece of work to my school community. I hope it's helpful.
  8. Great comment. Here are my (probably unconvincing) thoughts: 1. The CSP pencil drawing and then editing/changing tools feel quicker and more intuitive to me. Some of this is because I have set up my iPad version in a very specific way and partly because I think they work better. I went back to AD just now and tried to do some pencil drawing to see if I was mistaken and after a bit of tweaking I realised that you can do a lot of the same things but it feels somehow a bit quicker and looser in CSP. Anyways - it's probably just a personal feeling. 2. The layers issue I think is still relevant I think. Yes - the pinch-to-group gesture is brilliant and yes you can group automatically by drawing within a blank layer, but the several pieces I have produced this summer all became utterly unwieldy at times. To select and arrange individual stray lines into specific groups is at times impossible within iPad AD partly because scrolling endlessly becomes a joke. My point in the post is that these sorts of organisation tweaks and fixes are far better suited to the Mac version where control is different and more tuned into this sort of action. I think my point was that the dance between both platforms is where the power really kicks in. Nothing beats the vector brush work of AD on iPad. I was so glad you commented - take care.
  9. Hey all I wrote a massive blog post documenting my progress with AD over the summer. I hope it's useful.
  10. Many thanks. By the way I did a fine art degree in Nottingham in 1990 - I have a lot of affection for Notts. Are you one of the Affinity team or just coincidentally living in the same city?
  11. Once again I thought I would share something produced on AD using my iPad and iMac combo. This sequence is for an article about how delivering information isn't enough - it's what the student does with it that provides the best indication of what was learnt. Anyways.
  12. Typo: Well spotted! And I’m so sorry about the neck injury(!). On the point of religion, violence and context (all excellent points) I should say a few things: 1. My main aim was to share some process material using the software. 2. It is hard to post personal work here without it being... well, personal. Inevitably something like this is going to be misunderstood or potentially cause offence. I was quite wary about posting it for that reason, but felt it was worth it to simply encourage others to use the superb software in perhaps slightly different ways. 3. Political bullying, violence and imperialistic behaviour are things that can all be attached to this text (and unfortunately people do that). My personal take on this is that it is about someone seeking a deeper connection with God. Admittedly, context is always king and out of context the sword section can seem difficult to agree with. Thanks for your responses everyone.
  13. Current no. But it goes a long way towards what I aiming for stylistically.
  14. This is a personal visual meditation on a poem from the Old Testament, Psalm 63. I’ve spent a lot of time this summer working through the tools in Affinity Designer and I am almost at the point where I can use this software comfortably for client-facing work. So far I have created (and recreated) a number of info graphics to see how far I can push the software. My current process is to 1. Biro sketch 2. Structure in AD with simple shapes. 3. Bitmap draft drawing in Clip Studio on IPad (the tools I have set up there work the most intuitively for me). 4. Ink/shade it with the basic brush in AD on iPad. 5. Some tweaking back and forth between the iPad and Mac versions of AD. The interface is easier on my big screen Mac when it comes to manipulating lots of layers - something I think AD on iPad stills needs some work with. Thankyou to the Affinity team for creating a superb set of tools that feel like a dream come true.
  15. Mainly this one is to do with being able to draw and organise oneself quickly in the app while drawing loads of lines. Instead of being lost in a sea of layers, is there a better way of immediately auto-grouping them?
  16. I am a schoolteacher, illustrator and filmmaker. 

  17. I have produced a three-part mural using Designer. I drew it on the iPad and used the Mac version to export it as a print-ready pdf because it is much quicker and efficient. Unfortunately when the print people open up the files I am sending they are reporting the attached error message. I have sent two similar panels across and those are fine - the clipping issue doesn't seem to be happening with them. Any ideas?
  18. Brilliant dudes. This has been a huge problem to me - I am waaaaay into a bunch infographic diagrams and have had to adjust the whole way I draw to accommodate - creating multiple lines instead of just one.
  19. As you can see from the clip the results aren’t consistent. But they do happen. I tried recreating the same solid brush from new and it did the same things.
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