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  1. agreed. Document level layers would be fine.
  2. The crop / fold marks give me and my customer a visual feedback of how the document will be cut / folded. Also, if I want to make a paper mock-up, which admittedly is becoming quite rare, it is nice to have crop / fold marks.
  3. 1+ for footnotes, thank you.
  4. I think this is one of the main features I would like to finally make the "move".
  5. Coming from ID CC this feature seems obvious to have in a modern publishing tool. It is the natural way to build spreads for books or brochures for instance. During the development of a brochure, I like to have the cover pages in the same file so colours etc. are consistent. In IDCC i define the spine as a very narrow page and IDCC generates all the crop marks automatically. Big time saver IMHO.
  6. It is just much more convenient to do it inside the app (ditto ID CC).
  7. spinko

    Stuck on hand tool

    Hi, yes I use that shortcut quite often to zoom in or out. edit... just that again with the space bar and in unlocked the tools... what am I doing wrong ? edit 2.... pressing the spacebar unlocks the tools. thanks :-)
  8. spinko

    Stuck on hand tool

    happens all the time in my setup (Mac Catalina with latest versions of Affinity apps). Pretty frustrating.
  9. ditto. Having spreads with more than 2 pages and with potentially different page widths within the spread is an essential feature for me. I really like what I see in AP so far but this feature should be included as it would be used by anyone who designs books and/or other documents like multipage page folded flyers, etc. where the inner pages are less wide than the cover page for example. Also, some of my clients like page by page pdf's (as opposed to a full spread) for correction reading which would not be possible if there is only one "page" in the spread. Maybe this could be achieved by pressing a modifier key and pulling a page to the outer edge of an existing page to "attach" it to that page (similar as in ID). Dragging pages around to other positions is already supported in the current version of APub. Thank you.
  10. It seems that Apple is adding more and more fonts in every OS iteration (current version is Catalina) to the "always activated System fonts folder". So it would really be great, if Serif Apps could only show non-System fonts in their apps. My problem is navigating the 4+ page font lists in all applications and sorting out the fonts that I have activated and fonts that are part of the ever growing System font list.
  11. On new document creation this setup is available: options are: embedded or linked. Can this option be saved ? It seems to revert back to "embedded" every time a new document is created. thanks for all your work on aPub :-)

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