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    saivan got a reaction from 2989 in Modifying and Saving to SVG   
    I agree that all of the apps might export differently, but just like you can import a jpeg, make changes to the jpeg and save the file out to a jpeg; I'd expect the same thing to work for an svg. If I hand write an svg, it would be nice to open it with designer, change the color of a line and then export it without completely changing my code  It just makes working with svgs very difficult if you can't do that.
    Because if I need to author content for the web, I will need to modify the svg that comes out of designer in some way,
    then I'm asked to change something with the visual style, so its back to designer, change all the tags, export again, make all changes again.
    It just makes it impossible to have designer as part of a workflow.
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    saivan got a reaction from lewislepton in SVG export for use in parsing in game development   
    This would be really awesome. Designer has a lot to go when it comes to handling svg exports. Its a shame because there are so many people designing primarily for the web. 
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    saivan got a reaction from firstdefence in Modifying and Saving to SVG   
    Needs a fair bit of work. I don't see myself ditching affinity any time soon for it
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    saivan got a reaction from digital in Can Affinity Designer export to SVG file with <line> ?   
    Same boat here, I think having a primitive line tool would be very useful!
    For developers, this would make our lives alot easier
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    saivan got a reaction from BennyD in SVG Filters   
    I need to be able to edit the svg's produced by affinity designer.
    I would like to animate them and to modify the effects.
    One major problem I'm having is that there is just no sensible way to export svg's through designer.
    Code Readability
    I was pretty upset to discover that the exported code was all exported on a single line, with no options to change the number of required decimal places or to format the code. 
    I could cut down the filesize by less than half just by exporting to two decimal places of precision, which is more than enough for web use (in my cases).
    Lack of SVG Filters
    Svg filters are a must for export options. When applying an outer glow, I could use Affinity's built in tool and get a 100kb file, or use an svg filter in illustrator and get a 2kb file. On top of that, when you rasterize the filter, I can't animate it anymore on the web, which means that I just have to use illustrator to get anything done.
    So in summary:
    1. Could you please add support for svg filters in your effects panel. I appreciate that you've got a number of very useful effects in there, but if they all get rasterised upon export, their usefulness is significantly reduced.
    2. Could you please format the exported svg in a more readable way, or at least have an option to do so. A few line breaks and tabs add almost nothing to the file size, but it makes it far easier to actually read the output file and to make edits to it in code. Also, please allow us to export to a given precision that would be appropriate.
    in general, the exporting of svg's just needs work before I can use it in my workflow.
    Best regards;
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