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  1. Thank you for your response, I've attached the 5 steps I follow (order of screenshot from down to up) after each scan of the pages (with AbbyFineReader 14). The purpose is not to compare Affinity Publisher with Adobe Indesign, but if I import the same pdf file, the view result is the correct one . I learned the steps I must follow in A.P. to print a booklet but now I'm getting the problem of importing pdf files. But it's not a big deal, just testing, I'll find another solution and for sure I can survive without  it.:)











  2. Hello, I have old books that I've converted to pdf (for personal use only) with AbbyFineReader 14. I have some problems when opening these pdf files with Affinity Publisher. When I open the pdf file with Adobe Reader (screenshot attached), it shows me exactly the right way, but when I try to open it with Publisher, it's interesting that letters are black as well as the background no matter what color space I choose (GRAY, RGB, CMYK). I mention that I used AbbyFineReader 14 to scan and edit the pages in the books and then convert them to pdf. I attach the two files, pdf and the resulting file from Publisher. Is there any way I can open it just like in Adobe Reader ?



  3. Roadmap of AFFINITY DESIGNER, feature updated after the release of 1.5

    Please find below the current feature roadmap for Affinity Designer. The list is a selection of features from our own internal roadmap we would like to share with our users. If a feature you would like isn't on the list then feel free to create a new post so everyone can discuss it. We read all the feature suggestions and consider each one very carefully.


    The idea is the list will never get longer. As we complete and release features then we will replace those features with new ones.


    Pro Printing


    -Phase II transparency flattener

    -Bleed area guides


    Illustration & Design


    -Mesh fill tool

    -Mesh warp/distort tool

    -Knife tool

    -Calligraphic line styles

    -Arrow head line styles

    -Export slices previews with actual export data                 


    -Text features including Bullets and Numbering

    -Knockout groups

    -Multiple Effects/Fills/Strokes per shape

    -Convert Pixel selection to Vector shape






    Please feel free to ask questions about the features on the list but don't post new feature requests in this thread, just create a new post. 

  4. Maybe this can help you.




    Hi wumpabill,

    Resize image (menu Document ▸ Resize Document... )will resize the whole document (the canvas area + all layers will be resized).


    Resize Canvas as the name implies (menu Document ▸ Resize Canvas...) , only resizes the canvas area, that is, the white (or transparent if you set it to transparent) area where the layers sit above when you start a new document. Although the canvas area is not "visible" when you open an image, it is still there below it. You can check this if you change to the Move Tool select the image in the layers panel (make sure it's not locked) and drag one of the corners - you will see the canvas area (transparent - represented by a checkerboard) behind it. You may want to use this to add more space around an image to add more elements/images to create a composition for example.


    If you want to resize the whole image to make it smaller (or bigger) use the File ▸ Resize Document command. Just insert the dimensions you want and press the Resize button.


  5. Yeah they are crazy putting such a low price for this incredible programs, very crazy people. Easy to say that something is wrong, without checking the forum first.

    Your request is known by developers so is a work in progress.

    Nobody want you to to buy twice the same license and is your right to receive a full refund.

    Here people are very polite, helpful and patience for each of us, repeating the same solution for many of us,  so be like them, please.



  6. Yes it's possible, the feature is called ASSETS and you can enable by going on menu VIEW->STUDIO-> ASSETS 

    Have a look at the screenshot and then watch the official tutorial about ASSETS https://vimeo.com/182383667

    And always read Help menu where you can find anything about Affinity Designer and watch all the tutorial from this page





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