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  1. Hi Lee 1 I exported the key-worded file as unmodified RAW onto a folder on my desktop 2 Opened it in Affinity and did some editing then exported it as a JPG back to my desktop 3 Then imported it into Photos 4 Whilst all the data relating to camera, lens, aperture etc., was still there, the keywords were gone. However, when I performed 1-3 above with a JPG the keywords were not lost Appreciate your comments and advice. Thanks.
  2. Following Apple's decision to no longer support Aperture I have migrated to Photos with a view to using Affinity for more advanced editing. I am in the process of designing my work flow which includes initially importing to Photos for immediate review, deletes, and quick edits. At this stage I also keyword my images, which is central to my file organising. I have tested the workflow by exporting RAW to a 'Transit Folder' and the opened some images in Affinity and did some editing. I then exported the edited files as a JPG and imported back into Photos. Whilst all the EXIF data was still present the keywords were not. Have I omitted to do something that would have preserved the keywords? If not is this something that will be included in the next upgrade, especially since Affinity is intended to work so closely with Apple? Thanks GQ

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