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  1. javerous

    Stroke properties disabled

    Hi Chris_K ! Okay, I understand. Do there is any plan to be able to use raster based brushes on pen lines, or it's something technically impossible, or which can't give good results ? (I see at least one problem : when an image is resized to something bigger, it's hard to keep a good quality if the raster based brush has to be enlarged to keep proportions of the whole picture). Would be better to gray out the button or add some warning yes, because it looks like something buggy (but it's subjective, so…). By the way, I don't have anymore solution to add an arrowhead to my curve (well, okay, I can buy Affinity Designer…)...
  2. javerous

    Stroke properties disabled

    Hi Chris ! I'm on OS X 10.11.4 (15E65) with Affinity Photo 1.4.1 (hmm… shame on me, I even forgotten to specify that I use Affinity Photo, not Affinity Designer…) I attached a document. As you can see, I was able to configure some properties of the curve stroke (its width + pressure). But when I click on "Properties" button, the Brush window which open is completely deactivated. test-curve.afphoto [EDIT] I tried with last Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.4.2 - Beta 4) : same result.
  3. Hello, I made a search, and didn't find anything about this potential issue (I'm still not sure if it's a bug or not). Here is my problem : I create a curve (freehand, or by converting a shape), I select it, and go to Stroke pop-over. I can edit the width, cap, join, align, etc. But when I click on Properties button, the Brush window is completely locked (everything is disabled, impossible to select anything). And when my curve is selected, I can change the Color in the right tab, but if I try to select another brush in "Brushes" tab, then nothing happens : my curve keep its "standard" shape. I'm doing something wrong, or it's definitely a bug ? Thank you !

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