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  1. So I have bought myself a second hand Cintiq from a friend and also a screen protector (which I am not really amused of). However, had time today to do some warming up sketches (5-10 mins each) with my new device and played a bit with the default brushes and stylized the portraits/facial expressions a bit. Gonna continue soon on my latest work, Harley Quinn meets digital impressionism.
  2. Hi there, I came here for one little request, that I am missing massively in Affinity Photo/Designer; it is the possibility to change the view of the brush panel preview, so we can view the brushes in a raster, instead of a list, just like Photoshop you know? ;) Huge thanks in advance! Cheers!
  3. Greetings, just a short question, is there an option to view your brush sets in a raster instead of a list? Or something alike? Would appreciate that feature, because that scrolling through my 350+ brushes kills me everytime. Cheers!
  4. Hey there! My name is Benjamin, and I just started to use the marvelous piece of software by Serif today (even though AD is a world for itself). Never did serious stuff in Photoshop, so it's kind of a double debut. I started arts 2 years ago and I still suck, so I'd love some critique. I will also use this thread to keep on publishing my work. Cheers!
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