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  1. I still have this issue too. I'm using Publisher Beta running on MacOS 10.14.2 and my display preference is set to Metal - which I would prefer. If I set the display preference to OpenGL, then the grid will show on the selected page.
  2. I would like to suggest that the Master page currently being used on a document page should always be visible in the 'Pages Studio' either on the page icon (like ID) or underneath the page icon perhaps in brackets after the page number? Rather than having me hover over each page just to see which master is being applied. You could also make this a 'Pages Studio' preference instead if you wanted to give people a choice. Also I agree with an earlier poster (sorry I didn't make a note of who it was) when they suggested adding a plus sign '+' to the Add Pages/Masters and Duplicate Pages/Masters Icons, it would just make it much clearer what they are for without again having to hover over them. I guess you would get used to the way these work in time but I believe that if you are going to use an icon it should immediately convey what clicking it would do. All in all, I think you are moving in the right direction and for a v.1 product it's very good, some people here seem to forget how limited ID v.1 was back in the day! Thanks
  3. 1. The grid display only shows on page one of a document. You can also get it to show on a Master Pages. However, the Master page grid will not visually match the one on page one (even if they have the same settings in the grid manager) if you switch between the Master and Page one. I would imagine this is due to the bleed display issue in my point 2 below. 2. The bleed does not show on the Master page. 3. If you draw a Table then select a cell you can't use the 'Command +' shortcut to zoom in. However, the 'Command -' shortcut to zoom out still works. 4. The 'delete' key seems to add a space into a text box if nothing is selected and it will also add a space to the text box if you delete a selection. The 'arrow' keys put small boxes with an X in them into the text instead of moving the cursor. This issue seems to be fixed by re-starting the application. FYI: I am using Affinity Publisher Beta on a Mac running MacOS 10.13.6
  4. Ahh I see now - thanks for letting me know. I didn’t realize the frame around the table wasn’t a part of the table itself! I guess because the table tool draws the box and the table at the same time, I didn’t see it as being a separate box with a table inside... In which case it’s not a bug after all - Also the Find menu seems to have stopped crashing the app as well.
  5. Hello Affinity people, First let me say thanks for giving us the opportunity to beta test publisher and to hopefully help to make it the application we all want it to be. It's looking really good so far. However, there are lots of things missing for me and my workflow (e.g. scripting and grep styles) but I hope that you will continue to add these kinds of features as the application matures. I am having an issue with the new publisher beta ( where the frame around a table is always drawing behind the fill and strokes of the cells. I have attached a screen shot so that you can see the issue. The way I would imagine this working would be that the frame should always draw in front of the cells fill and stroke, unless you have the 'Draw behind fill' checkbox checked. By the way, this check box does nothing at the moment! Also if I choose 'Text | Find' from the menus the application will immediately crash - this happens every time. Thanks again Spacemanspiff
  6. I'd like to have the ability to move an object to another layer or layer group by dragging a proxy representation (like the Adobe apps) instead of having to drag the sub-layer. I use this all the time! Please see the little blue square in the attached image. Great work on this app people - can't wait to see Affinity Publisher - that could be a game changer - Please don't allow Adobe to buy your company!
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