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  1. I’m on and having difficulty selecting objects with the node tool using the pencil especially when using multi select. Makes it pretty difficult to work with unfortunately. FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Any word on this @MEB? It's been a long time of no updates to the app. Is the app still being worked on?
  3. This is me all day. Makes the app almost unusable. Have to go really slow and keep trying until it works Any news on a fix or update? I really like the app, but this makes creating vector art a real tedious process since 90% of that work is done with the pen tool. Im on version, original iPad pro 12.5" I also seem to be experiencing the same issue with the marquee selection tool.
  4. I'd give this post a thousand hearts if I could. Such a nice feature to have when sketching.
  5. I really like that option drag has been added to duplicate selections! Thanks for making that change. However, it would be nice to remove the old command drag to duplicate. I select objects that are grouped while holding down command and end up making duplicates on accident all over the place without realizing it until I look thru my layers. There seems to be no reason to have duplicate on both option and command drag. Thanks for all your hard work Affinity Designer team! You have made an amazing product.
  6. When I select an item and then deselect that item, the purple selection lines remain. They disappear temporarily when scrolling/zooming. The only way I can get them to remove is by closing and re-opening the file.
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