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    ClemensE got a reaction from PhillipBlinc in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    Looking forward to the German Version, can you tell me if the Workbook is also covering the Windows Version?
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    ClemensE reacted to paolo.limoncelli in DAUB LiquidInk Tools and Macros   
    Hi Folks!
    Here I am with a freebie.
    This little project starts from the need to have a tool that mimics ink tension and viscosity.
    In order to do this, and make it easy to use in AffinityPhoto I needed macros, and finally these are there!
    You need AP 1.5.x in order to make it work!
    Download the package here

    How this combo works
    The technique relies on Adjustment Curves and some special tools designed to keep anything non destructive.
    Tools are simple stupid brushes that together with custom ramps deliver a viscosity effect on crossing lines, resulting in a credible feathering effect.
    This happens only if used together with the layer stack generated by included macros.
    To use them import both Macros (from Library Studio) and Tools available in the package, create a new document and click one of the effects (Ink and Wet Ink) form the Library Studio.
    AP will create a layer stack composed of the adjustment, a fill layer (needed to make this adjustment work) and a pixel layer which is where you want to paint.
    These tools are designed to work best for black inking.
    If you want you can play with other colours too, just be aware of the clipped results you will obtain.
    You can always re-colour your layer with further adjustments.
    Hope you'll enjoy!
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    ClemensE reacted to paolo.limoncelli in [UPDATED!] DAUB Essentials for Affinity Designer - 114 Tools and 40 Textures   
    Updated! To purchase click the picture below!

    A comprehensive collection of tools for Affinity Designer, including raster brushes, inkers for the Vector Paintbrush Tool  and textures.
    All this media is suitable for professional work: acquired form real media and carefully crafted for the best painting experience with professional graphic tablets and monitors.
    DAUB Essentials for Affinity Designer includes:
    DAUB Acrylics
    12 Brushes for vector strokes, 16bit capable

    DAUB Canvas
    12 Brushes for vector strokes, 16bit capable

    DAUB Inkers
    28 Inks for vector strokes, with high resolution and seamless features

    DAUB Pencils MkII
    16 Pencils improved and fine tuned

    DAUB Verve
    18 Painting tools, ideal for concept and art work

    DAUB Pastello
    16 Dry and Moist media tools

    DAUB Washes
    12 Watercolour washes with an incredible analog feeling and painting expierience

    DAUB Papers
    40 Seamless textures, crafted for both paper overlay and brush customisation, available as Assets.
    Want to see more?
    Grab the guide
    Pay attention before picking these tools 
    Affinity Designer 1.5.x supports all resources included 
    Affinity Photo 1.5.x supports only DAUB Pencils, Pastello, Verve and Washes
    For any further question please ask!
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    ClemensE got a reaction from Mark Ingram in AP stopped displaying changes   
    never mind, the problem was sitting behind the monitor   :rolleyes:
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